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Purple light no internet connection

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Purple light no internet connection

For the last few days there's been a flashing purple light on the router, no internet connection.  We have tried the reset process of the router, unplugging all wires and reconnecting and rebooting the router but still nothing.  Can the line be checked please?

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Re: Purple light no internet connection

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Re: Purple light no internet connection

Purple light? Wht router are you using? Assuming a Hub Two, then there shouldn't be a status that results in a purple light:-


Pink would be the closest which would suggest the Hub may have been put in bridge mode?

Have you tried factory resetting it by inserting something into the pinhole at the rear of the device until the status light flashes green?

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Re: Purple light no internet connection


Is it a black BT Smarthub? 
If so it isn’t configured correctly for a connection  to Plusnet.

Flashing purple Your Hub is working but the broadband cable isn't connected

Full Fibre connection
Check the Ethernet cable (red ends) is plugged into the modem's PORT correctly. Then check the other end of the Ethernet cable is plugged into the WAN port of your Hub correctly - you'll hear a click.

Fibre connection
Check if the broadband cable (grey ends) is plugged incorrectly. And if you're using a filter, check that's plugged incorrectly too.

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