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No internet

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No internet

Hi we came home to find our area had a brief powercut. Internet had worked perfectly fine this morning. It now won't connect and the internet light isn't on. So far I have tried the following. Turning off and on again, pressing reset, changing the asdl filters. I had a tiny success changing the filter in that it cam back on briefly and then went off again and no luck since. I don't have a home phone so can't test the tone. Am I destined to have to sit on hold all day tomorrow? Thanks
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Community Gaffer
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Re: No internet

Thanks for your post @Kiro1126 and welcome to our Community Forums.

I'm sorry for the issues with your connection.

I can see we've booked an engineer visit for tomorrow afternoon to investigate this, but I can also see that your router's trying to connect to the internet with the wrong password since you've reset your account password.

I'd recommend going through the below steps to correct this otherwise you likely still won't be able to connect to the internet after the engineer's resolved the line fault we've detected. 

1. Connect a device onto the router's WiFi or plug a laptop/PC into the router using an ethernet cable

2. Go to the router's homepage at

3. Click on the Basic Settings tab

4. Type in the admin password found from the back of the router and click the OK button

5. If there's a Disconnect button, click that

6. Type in the account password, this can be reset here: if needed.

7. Hit the Connect button.

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