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No Internet

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No Internet

Had a call from my Wife yesterday saying that there was no internet, when I got home i checked both phones, both tablets & the laptop, all of them were displaying a pop up box asking me to sign in to access my technicolor gateway.

After a bit of 4G Google work I found out how to do this & successfully logged into my router, after multiple tries to reconnect to the internet & doing a connectivity check all i am told is that there is no ATM activity detected on my DSL line & that the connection is currently down, the internet light on the router is not illuminated either.

I have also tried the various things mentioned on the Plusnet help page to try to resolve the issue & also turning it off for a few hours, all to no avail.

I have tried phoning the helpline a number of times but my call gets disconnected due to the high number of calls & the live chat is currently not working.

Does anyone know of a fix for this or will I just have to keep bashing my head against a wall trying to phone the helpline.

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Re: No Internet

Hi, have a look through this longish post from 2010. It looks like it needs a fix at the exchange.


Good luck.