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How to connect to BT wifi

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How to connect to BT wifi

Hello,  I noticed that the consumer of Plusnet can connect to the BT wifi freely. Can you tell me how to make it work on my phone? Should I install some apps? Thank you. 

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Re: How to connect to BT wifi

I dont believe that PlusNet customers have access to BT Wifi

Superusers are not staff, but they do have a direct line of communication into the business in order to raise issues, concerns and feedback from the community.

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Re: How to connect to BT wifi

If you are a BT customer you don't really need any app, you simply login with your BT id. When you select an open BT wifi connection a login page with come up in your browser asking if you would like to purchase any credit or login. If you select login you get a couple of options. Login wifi or if you are a BT customer login broadband (with your BT id).

As said, I doubt plusnet customers have any access to BT wifi unless they buy some credit on the web page.

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Re: How to connect to BT wifi

Sorry @hongpeng

Plusnet customers don't have access to free BT WIFI.

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Re: How to connect to BT wifi

I assume you're talking about BT hotspots?


BT hotspots are dotted around large populated areas and rely on other users letting their router/connection be used adhoc for this purpose.


It's not free, indeed it's very expensive. On demand BT hotspots will cost you as much as £4.99 for one hours usage.


It's a bit like airport Wi-Fi, except with airports they'll give you 1 hour free before they ask for money.


Better to use your mobile data than use this.