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Help with reporting a fault

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Help with reporting a fault

My internet speed has been painfully slow this week. Download max 13.62/Upload 1.14 with lows of 2.2/0/19. I've attached speed test screenshots from this afternoon.

I'm trying to report the fault and it's asking for the colour of lights from the Optical Network Terminal that apparently is a small box we installed inside the house. I can't see anything that fits that description. I even unscrewed the socket at the phone to see what was inside, but there's nothing much there. Certainly nothing with any with lights or that refers to ONT/LOS/PON/LAN. Any help appreciated.


Many thanks

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Re: Help with reporting a fault

@Van267 Sounds like you may have used the wrong link to report. Was it this one ?

The ONT only applies to Full Fibre installations/connections, which yours clearly isn't, given your comments about the phone socket.

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Re: Help with reporting a fault

Hi there,

I'm really sorry to see you're struggling with your speed. I've tested your line today and the tests aren't showing any issues with your router getting a download speed of 20mbps and an upload speed of 1.2mbps.

It's relatively slow for a fibre connection but that's due to the length of your line at around 1500metres. 

When you're testing your speed, is your device connecting over WiFi or plugged into your router using a cable? 

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