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Funny thing

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Funny thing

National; Grid Gas PCL are renewing the gas mains where I live and have had some difficulty finding the pipes. They have use a gadget which, when connect to the gas meter pipe, sends a bleeping signal which they pick up with a detector.  During their scanning I know they passed over the telephone cable and caused a resync of my router. Not to much of a worry untill I discovered it caused a resync which reduced my profile by 3 Meg. NINE holes to find one pipe!!
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Re: Funny thing

I can well believe it, i have seen ipods transferring data kick out broadband connection
I have always said that our phone lines are just 1 big antenna from our homes to the exchange. if the gas co keep using this device your DLM  may go nuts.
As for me i have just convinced myself that until we get proper broadband via fiber these things will happen even FTTC would be affected by very local interference.