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Frequent disconnections

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Frequent disconnections

I getting very frequent disconnects, at least 10 times a day. I had the exact same issue with my last ISP, TalkTalk, too but they never fixed it as they twice mistakenly sent a telephone engineer instead of a broadband engineer.
I'm 100% sure the issue isn't with my equipment, set-up or the line inside my house.
Please can I have it arranged for a broadband engineer to have a look?
Phone number XXXXX
Account ID XXXXX

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Frequent disconnections

Hi @Dan353, welcome to the forum.


I can see see the frequent disconnections on your broadband connection but it has been fairly stable with no disconnections in the past 5 days however, tt looks like the signal strength for your line is set too low which explains the frequent disconnections that you are having. I have placed an order to up your signal strength which should complete in the next hour. If you then turn the router off and then on again in a hour or later the connection should be back to normal for you.


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