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Fault ticket closed - fault not fixed

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Fault ticket closed - fault not fixed

About a fortnight ago my line had a series of drops that caused DLM to intervene and drop my stable 50Mb line down to about 6Mb. I waited a day or two to see how things would pan out knowing that short burst interference is not uncommon on the old underground copper to my property (but has been rock stable for 3+ years)


A day or so later the download improved to around 34Mb and stayed that way. I had opened a fault ticket for an engineer callout but cancelled this since I felt it would be a waste of time and DLM would do its thing.


DLM dropped the interleaving that had been applied (About 1000, interleaving never present on line previously) but speed did not improve so I figured it was just a waiting game. Last Friday the line had another 'event' lasting around two hours where I could see on my HG612 using DSL Linestats that the SNRM was bouncing wildly on one band on the upstream and had dropped out completely on the D3 band on the downstream.


After it had settled DLM had applied interleaving again and sat the speed at 32400. I re-opened the previous fault ticket and requested an engineer visit as there is obviously a fault at play.


I have just received an email saying that 

Our suppliers have advised us that they have fixed the issue you reported to us.

We have run further diagnostics and we can see that your service is now working as expected.

However, nothing has changed. Sync is still down at 32400, interleaving is still applied at 1039 and I can see the U0 upstream band SNR is not as it should be.


Can someone please tell me why my ticket has been closed and I have been informed that everything is working as expected when it is clearly not the case? I cannot respond to the ticket now since it has been closed.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Fault ticket closed - fault not fixed

Hi there, I'm sorry to see that you're still having issues with your connection. I can see we've since opened a new fault for you and an engineer visit has been booked in for the 7th. 


I hope it all gets sorted then and I'll make sure we follow things up with you as quickly as we can after the visit. 



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 Adam Walker
 Plusnet Help Team