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Exchange Only

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Exchange Only

The telephone exchange is in the field opposite, about 200 yards from our house.
The latter has pretty thick walls. I understand that we are fed by an underground
cable direct from the exchange. So no sign of fibre on the horizon for a while.
Wireless signal is pretty good but the thickness of our walls is causing a few
Any recommendations for a combined router/modem? The main BT point is in
a very inaccessible place, so we will need to run a short extension to the location
of the modem/router.
Budget up to £100.
I want access to internet TV & ipads & wireless printing to an HP printer.
Any suggestions, please?
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Re: Exchange Only

The most reliable way would be to run an Ethernet cable to the room you want to get the best speed. But home plugs will get to places where you can use a wired connection, the speed will depend on your mains wiring.
For wireless, wireless extenders may be better than another router. For ADSL however, I always found the BT Business Hubs to give good performance, and can be sourced from online bidding sites, for not too much money.