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Dropping network on phone

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Dropping network on phone


After a problem with my broadband where the connection was frequently interrupted, the Openreach engineer came round yesterday and seemed to sort the issue. 

Since then the connection through my TV and ipad have been perfect, but my phone has had some issues. It occasionally disconnects from the network, and I have to go through the network menu and select it again. It will say that the password is required or incorrect, but then connects automatically. 

I have a Samsung A12 using Android. Can anyone help me to fix this?


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Re: Dropping network on phone

The problem you describe has nothing whatsoever to do with any previous issue sorted by the BT engineer.

This is a Wi-Fi connectivity issue between the router and the phone.  I have seen similar on other devices.  Is usually intermittent.

Which router are you using?

Do you have another Wi-Fi AP configured to the same SSID as the router?

Do a Google search for your phone dropping its Wi-Fi connection.  You might resolve this with a variety of solutions ranging for forgetting the network name and trying again, through to doing a reset on the phone's network configuration.  See Set up Internet - Samsung Galaxy A12 - Android 10 - Device Guides (

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