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Check for Problems Please

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Check for Problems Please

Hi Plusnet,

Been getting very slow broadband speeds recently. Testing under 10mbps this evening when should be 70.

Please can you check if you are seeing any issues from your end. 

Many thanks.

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Re: Check for Problems Please

Community Gaffer
Community Gaffer
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Re: Check for Problems Please

Hi there,

I've just tested your line and the tests aren't showing any issues with your router getting ~77mbps still.

Are you having issues today? If so are your devices connecting wirelessly or hard wired into your router? 

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Anoush Mortazavi
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Re: Check for Problems Please

Can you please post your router stats.

The MGS is line sync speed, not data transfer speed.  Router stats will indicate the line sync speed.  If that is below the MGS, then there is an investigation to be had with the connection.  Assuming that is sound, then there is something to be explored around the marked difference between the wire and Wi-Fi connection ... though that could be down to your computer's performance.

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