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Change line back to FastPath (turn off interleaving)

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Change line back to FastPath (turn off interleaving)


I switched to PN last week, the line was in FastPath mode initially, it's now changed to Interleaved, ping latency went from 5ms to 20ms. Can I have FastPath back please? Low latency is more important to me than high bandwidth. Also is it possible to set upstream target SNR margin to 9dB?


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Re: Change line back to FastPath (turn off interleaving)

Thanks for your post @bb21081 and welcome to our Community Forums. 

I've placed an order with our suppliers to change the provisioning of your broadband service to permanently turn off interleaving which should go through on Monday as the next working day.

Currently it's in an automatic mode which means the automated dynamic line management (DLM) software at the exchange will toggle it on and off as it sees fit to try to keep line errors at a minimum.

I've also prodded the upstream SNRM target up to 9dB. Let me know if you have any further issues. Smiley

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