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Can't connect laptop

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Can't connect laptop

Last Friday we lost internet connection due to an external fault. The aforementioned fault was fixed on Wednesday. However I am unable to connect on my laptop via wireless or ethernet (I am currently having to tether it to my tablet, which is using mobile data). Ethernet shows as 'connected' but doesn't work, and wifi just keeps trying to connect.

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Re: Can't connect laptop

What router are you using?

If a PlusNet hub one, can you connect to it via the web interface?

If so go to on a wired connection with your username and password. They'll be on the pull out card unless you've changed them.

Go through the admin panel and see what info you get get out of it. I don't have one I can access at the moment, so that is all I can say.

Are all the lights blue on there? If not it may indicdate a fault.