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Can I get connected up now please ??????????

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Can I get connected up now please ??????????

I have a disastrous case with Plusnet from the outset. Hopefully ?? This will get rectified or I will be back here to reveal.
In the meantime - today the phone line has gone live, thats one temporary bonus and await you to restore my previous landline number that I want back and that you know about.
I am still waiting for the Plusnet Router to arrive so I am having to use up my mobile internet which is very annoying and costly and inconvenient.
I have just set up mu old talk talk router with the new plus net details and await the broadband activated forthwith without delay please.
So, come on Plus net....... before the 13/11/2015 and preferably TODAY .!

Dear Mr N..........,  I have now placed an order to activate broadband on your new line and this will complete by 13/11/2015 at the very latest. In the meantime, you can set up your equipment and as soon as the Internet light goes solid green you should be able to get online.  Broadband order reference: 3-128195986921
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Re: Can I get connected up now please ??????????

Hi there,
I'm very sorry for the delays in getting you online. Unfortunately as the address didn't have any active lines showing in the ordering systems we had to request a survey, get the phone line activated and then place the order for broadband. Your phone line was activated on the 6th and the order was placed for 4 working days from there, so it should complete anytime up until Midnight on the 12th.
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 Chris Parr
 Plusnet Staff