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Broadband not working after taking new offer

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Broadband not working after taking new offer

Broadband running out in November so I took a new offer for another 18 months. Next day my broadband is either not working or only giving me 0.1mb download and upload.
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Re: Broadband not working after taking new offer

@Dykesjack  Welcome to the Community Forum.

The Plusnet accounting system is totally isolated from the Openreach broadband service. With an 18 month contract, statistcally 1 in 18 faults will occur within the month after you renew a contract, whilst 1 in about 550 will fail the next day. That's just maths, nothing more suspicious.

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Re: Broadband not working after taking new offer

Hi there,

I'm really sorry to see you're having a lot of connection problems and apologies for the delayed staff response.

From what I can see your router's connecting to the internet using the wrong account username, which would likely be a contributing factor to the problem. Are you using the router we've sent you or have you acquired a different Plusnet router from elsewhere? Either way could you drop me a PM with the serial number of the router? 

I can then add it onto your account which may either fix the issue or at least provide us with a clearer view of things. 

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