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Broadband in GL2 unusable

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Broadband in GL2 unusable

For the past few weeks my broadband has been either running at 0.16-0.19 Mbs or not at all (I've been running daily speed tests).  What's going on!?  The connection was a reliable 1.5 Mbs for the past 10 months now this?
Good job I'm switching to Virgin fibre in a few weeks but it's still frustrating in the meantime.
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Re: Broadband in GL2 unusable

GL2 covers a large area. When my (GL2) connection dropped to a tenth of the normal speed, despite PlusNet saying the fault was in my house wiring, it was traced by Openreach to a fault in the connection between cabinet and exchange. Lucky you too being able to get Virgin Fibre - not available here...