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Broadband completely down

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Broadband completely down

My broadband connection has been completely down since about 2.30 yesterday afternoon. We were unaware that other customers had been having problems as reported online. It is down even on our desktop (wired connection) but also wirelessly. I have tried swapping out the microfilter for a spare one BT gave me when you sent them out before. I have also tried plugging the microfilter directly into the test socket. There appears to be no problem with the phone - the dialtone is normal. Can a staff member please run a test on the line.
Many thanks for any help you're able to give.
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Broadband completely down

Thanks for getting in touch @matthewj

It looks like your router is trying to connect with an incorrect password which is why you're unable to get online.

Can you try resetting the router using the pinhole on the back in the first instance?

If you're still having issues after that please follow the steps below

1) Go to in your browser and enter 'admin' as the username and the routers serial number (starts with CP and needs to be entered all in capitals)
2) Click on where it says 'Internet' under Broadband Connection and then click 'Disconnect'
3)Change the username to '' and the password to your account password
4) Click connect


Let us know how you get on

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 Matthew Wheeler
 Plusnet Help Team