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BB12 Area Broadband Dropouts

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Registered: ‎24-09-2014

BB12 Area Broadband Dropouts

I have noticed another customer with a very similar issue to mine in this forum. Thought i would post my issue as well.


Since Friday afternoon, we have been experiencing frequent dropouts which only last a few seconds to half a minute, which is more than enough to be kicked out of a game/freeze up Netflix etc.


I have done the usual, reboots etc. I know it's not a BT box or Router issue, as if they were to loose power, it takes minute to reestablish a connection rather than seconds. There is nothing on the fault/service tracker pertaining to my location, so this may well be something to look into.



Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: BB12 Area Broadband Dropouts

Hi there,


tests aren't showing either an obvious or a common cause for the issue you're seeing but we do see that the connection is dropping frequently.

Thanks for reporting the issue with us formally, a member of our faults team will be getting back to you soon.

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 Adam Walker
 Plusnet Help Team