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Are some Plusnet IP addresses black listed?

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Are some Plusnet IP addresses black listed?

I'm posting this on behalf of my father. He has no understanding of the workings of internet, and was unable to get anywhere with Plusnet support over the phone.  I think he needs a 2nd line support but not sure how to get hold of them.


The problem is that he is unable to access his business website from any computer in his house. I have tried my computer on his network with the same result; a security check failure error. From my own home I can access the website without any problem. In the past I have disconnected and reconnected his router to get around the problem. This action changes his IP address, which is why I suspect some sort of black-listing of a bank of Plusnet IP addresses.


I did an online check for one of his IP addresses and it didn't show up as black-listed anywhere. I have reset his router, and I have tried different DNS servers ( & as well as those provided by Plusnet, so I don't suspect the DNS. My own devices haven't had their settings changed in any way, and they don't access my father's business page from his router but work fine at my house with a different ISP.


I need some more technical people than myself to please help me with this. My father's business is at a standstill until this is sorted out. The business host don't see it to be their problem as the site can be accessed without a problem from another connection.


My dad's router is one of the early BT style hub routers from Plusnet. I can get the version if needed. This problem has only happened recently, and I mentioned that it has been solved previously by reconnecting the router to Plusnet to get a new IP address. The past couple of days the router has been reconnected a number of times and also restarted but we have been unable to get another "clean" IP address.


Any ideas, please?



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Re: Are some Plusnet IP addresses black listed?

Does his business website use geolocation to restrict access to uk ip addresses ?

Some Plusnet ip ranges were originally ( some while ago!) allocated to the USA. They have been correctly reallocated as uk addresses but some geolocation databases are still  out of date. If the website is using one of these databases it may be incorrectly locating the ip to the usa

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