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Appalling service switching from legacy ADSL to fibre unlimited

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Appalling service switching from legacy ADSL to fibre unlimited

I have been with Plusnet since 2003/4 and happily trundling along with a legacy ADSL broadband product (phoneline with BT). I decided it was time to upgrade to Fibre Unlimited and bring my phone line over from BT. To avoid stress, I decided to stick with Plusnet. I regret this decision.

I received my new hub and was informed that my activation date was the 30th September. I plugged the hub in last night and nothing. Ok, maybe it’s delayed, I think. Never mind, I plug my existing TP-Link router in but now this won’t connect either.

I made my first call to Plusnet last night (30/9) at 18:44. In a 59 minute call, I was probably speaking to someone for about 2 minutes. This was a man in the provisioning team who told me I should have received an email saying that my activation date was actually the 19th September. I explained that I had never received that email. He then tries to connect me to the technical team to fix my broadband issue but advises that he can’t as they have gone home. Don’t worry though, he says, they’ll call you back at 9am and fix the issues you’re experiencing. After this call, I get an email saying an engineer had been booked to visit me on the 3rd September. That’s the past?! No mention of an engineer in the call. I decided to wait for my call back the next day to query this.

The next day, no call back, so I called Plusnet again. The customer service agent proceeds to call the situation mad, tells me that my account is a complete mess and that the person dealing with the issue the night before was “an absolute clown” – outstanding professionalism. He puts me through to the provisioning team once more. Except he cold transfers me and the person who picks up has no idea why I’ve come through to them again! This guy now explains that actually, my activation date is the 7th October – again, a completely different date. Meanwhile, I’m still no closer to just fixing my existing ADSL product whilst I wait for the fibre to activate. He has now booked an engineer for Monday. In the meantime, I decide to call BT to see if there is any issue there, but all is good at their end. They confirm that the phoneline is still with them for the time being.

I feel completely dumbfounded. I have no internet and can’t work until it is fixed. I’ve been told different things by EVERY person I’ve spoken to and I’m so upset with how I’ve been treated. It’s not like you can just connect straight to someone. Each call involves a hold time of 20/30 minutes. I really just want some reassurance this is all going to be fixed and for someone to take a look at my fault.

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Re: Appalling service switching from legacy ADSL to fibre unlimited

You can claim this it wont fix the issue but hopefully it should show these providers they wont get away with treating people like this.
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Re: Appalling service switching from legacy ADSL to fibre unlimited

Hi there,

I'm really sorry for the bad experience you've had. That's definitely not what I'd expect so I'll be passing feedback on about that. In the meantime, I see an engineer visited you yesterday who replaced your telephone socket to get your broadband up and running. Additionally, I've checked your fibre order and it's still on track to complete on the 7th October.

If there's anything else you'd need help with, feel free to let me know. 

From 31st October 2022, I no longer have a regular presence here as I’ve moved on to a new role.
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