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Advise on Router stats - SNR

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Re: Advise on Router stats - SNR

Well, it was all going so well, then DLM has decided it doesn't like the errors running as low as 1db, probably not helped by all my messing about disconnecting and reconnecting.
It has now set my target to 6db and sync speed has lowered accordingly, this was several days ago and I thought I would leave it and see if things improve automatically, had a closer look this morning and now noticed that interleaving has been switched off.
I know my line can run sync speeds of up to 4000kbps at 3db and I get no HEC errors at all, with interleaving on. This I would say is the optimum settings for my line.
However DLM seams to think that 6db with interleaving off is better? even tough my sync speed is lower and get more HEC errors?
Is there a way of forcing interleaving back on?
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Re: Advise on Router stats - SNR

I'd be surprised if you actually get zero HEC errors, howvever, if you are not a gamer and don't mind the extra lag with Interleaving on, yes that can be done. It sound like you could do with a custom profile if DLM messes you about.
If you have an open fault ticket, it might be a good idea to check it in case they've done an SNR Reset on the line and if so, it would be best to see what DLM does in a few days - it will probably turn on Interleaving.
If there wasn't a reset, then one of the CRT here could probably organise for Interleaving to be turned on.