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When is Fibre coming to my street ?

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Re: When is Fibre coming to my street ?

Quote from: CX
Looking at over the past month, they have been hitting a blockage in the duct every 200m or so, and then it's about 2 weeks before they can get contractors in to clear it. Once they've reached the cabinet, the patching work is getting done fairly swiftly. They're scheduled to clear a blockage in 2 weeks time, but there's another 500m or so before they reach the cabinet.

That's very useful information, to give a feel for what delays are caused when blockages are found.
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Re: When is Fibre coming to my street ?

They did turn up to clear that blockage, on schedule, and then everything went quiet.
Looking upstream of that work, it turns out that they haven't yet done the length between that and the last active cabinet. They started that length months ago and then stopped, and now for almost two months now they've repeatedly notified the council, and missed their slots to dig a hole to clear a blockage outside one particular property.
At this rate, the cabinet won't be enabled by the end of this quarter, even though it has physically been in place since the first week of July.