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TG582, Macs and 802.11d

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TG582, Macs and 802.11d

To avoid the locally congested wifi spectrum I have set my wifi channel to 13. At worst a few devices require a box to be checked in settings to enable transmission on channels  12 & 13 to certify that you are not in the US where these channels are not available.
After days of frustration I have understood why my MacBook  refuses to connect to my home wifi. The MacBook listens for any local wifi router transmitting the country code using IEEE 802.11d. The first country code broadcast it hears it assumes is correct and adapts it's wifi channel usage to the rules of that country. Only one router in my neighbourhood transmits a country code, however it transmits the incorrect country code 'US'. My MacBook decides against all other evidence that it is therefore in the US and refuses to connect to my home wifi on channel 13.
Is there a way to configure the Plusnet TG582n FTTC to broadcast the 802.11d country code to convince my Mac that it is in the 'UK'?
(I have exhausted all Apple based approaches, current work around involves switching mac on in the kitchen where it can't hear 'US' being broadcast, then moving to another room).
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Re: TG582, Macs and 802.11d

By default the TG582 is set to the wireless country code "Europe"
I haven't a clue if the router broadcasts this.
The telnet command to change the routers wireless country code:
wireless radio locale=Europe

The only parameters I know, are: