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Wondering if anyone can help me.
I've read on here that on numerous occasions plusnet have been able to activate services early if the broadband light on the router is green.
I phoned to ask if this was possible as my broadband light was a solid green and was told it was not possible which seems to be a completely different story to lots of threads on here.
The woman on the phone just seemed to want to get me of the phone as quick as possible and didn't seem at all interested in what I was saying.
Has anyone had any experience of this and can plusnet activate my services early?
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Re: Broadband

Hey thanks for replying. I did write to them in chat but they said I must be wrong as no one gets their service activated early.
I told then there's many threads saying they have but they weren't for listening. Really hope this is not the attitude of plusnet employees if I ever need proper help with anything.
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Re: Broadband

It may depend on circumstances. Have you just moved, have the other people cancelled the phone? Or is this the first time you have had broadband?

PN won't be able to do their activating of the account until BT have confirmed they have done their bit.

A little more information would help.


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Re: Broadband

Hi there,


As it's a transfer in to us, the broadband will most likely be in sync right throughout. Activating your service on our side would start the billing from the point that's done, so in transfer in situations we need to allow the order to complete.

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