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Broadband speed halved in the last week.

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Broadband speed halved in the last week.

Just that really. In the last week my broadband speed has dropped by about half. It also rises and falls intermittently but never up to the speed it used to be before. Nothing's changed at this end that I know about. 

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Re: Broadband speed halved in the last week.

Mine does that occasionally. It runs at about 13 Mbps for weeks or months, then something happens and it's unstable for a while. In the most recent episode a few months ago, it started dropping the line frequently and then stabilised for a while at about 6.5 Mbps. After a few weeks stuck at that level, it slowly retrained backup to 13Mbps where it was stable for a week or 2 before a power cut. After the power cut it had jumped to 14 Mbps and it has been stable at that level for several weeks.

Keep an eye on the weather and see if the problem seems to be connected to wet weather?

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Re: Broadband speed halved in the last week.

Yes ex BT broadband customer.  Plusnet has cut my download speed from 64 with BT to 27.   Upload from 17 to 10. This is very poor service.  I wish that broadband providers would state how much they will cut broadband speed before you sign a contract or give you the opportunity to return to your old provider if they can,t match their speed. Before the apologists blame everyone  but Plusnet let us remember BT and Plusnet are the same company.

I cannot believe that in this day and age we are still pointing at copper wire as some kind of bogey man .  The fact is if you are getting a speed one week and it drops in less than 6 months and no one noticed then it's contrived or just poor workmanship on the providers part.

Friends we are living in the time of the Excuse and not the Solution.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Broadband speed halved in the last week.

Hello there.


Sorry to hear you're having speed issues.


From what we can see, your router is in sync at a 6.5mbps, giving a connection speed of 5.5mbps.

Whilst that's within the expectations of your line, the signal to noise ratio (SNR) is too high for the length of your line which is likely to be pushing your speed down. The SNR helps the line to remain stable and unaffected by noise or interference on the line. The higher the setting for SNR, the higher the level of noise can be tolerated.


I've reset your line now, can you reboot your router in 4 hours and let us know how your speed looks in 24 hours?


If you still have problems I'd recommend going through some troubleshooting here: and


Let us know how it goes too.



Our tests are detecting a potential fault. Mind spending a few moments raising this to us at letting us know when you've done that so we can get this pushed through to BTwholesale?



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 Anoush Mortazavi
 Plusnet Help Team