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This entry was posted by Oldjim on Friday, July 31st, 2009 at 1:15 pm and is tagged with , and is posted in the category DNS, Hardware, Settings. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. Both comments and pings are currently closed.

18 comments on "How to change the default DNS Servers in a Thomson Router"


When applying additional DNS Servers, do you put in both
does Plus Net support both or only one??
This is what I have in my Vista settings.


The only ones I've seen (e.g. on the connections settings page on the website) are IPv4 style and I'd be inclined just to stick with those.


Plusnet do not support IPv6 so only the IPv4 ones do anything regardless as to whether they are Plusnet or OpenDNS servers


I'd suggest using the Google DNS servers in preference to the OpenDNS ones which give sponsored results if you mistype a URL.


Thanks. That's mostly clear enough.

However the example seems to only have a single DNS server. How does this relate to primary and secondary?

Do you set the primary one as metric=1 an the secondary one as metric=2 ?


That is correct in that the primary DNS server is the one with the lowest metric and the secondary is the one with the next lowest.
I run with the primary Google DNS and the secondary Plusnet DNS set as described
Note that this article was written before the Google DNS servers became available.
They are and


Excellent guide, I'd suggest adding that it also works for the TG585 v8, only the Username 'admin' and password are different.
When wishing to reset back to the original DNS servers I had to use 'dns server route flush' as delete would not work.


This is a most helpful page - thank you Oldjim.

How strange that we can't alter the DNS from the router's web interface. I've never come across a router that doesn't allow that.

While we're on the subject, there's a nifty little tool called Namebench which will find the best DNS servers for you. I was quite surprised to find that a couple of BT servers came out faster than both OpenDNS and Google. It comes out with a very helpful set of information. This is my public results page.


Also works for TG582n (as for TG585).


Thank you for putting this together, especially in light of recent events, its good to put in a Backup DNS server just in case there's a repeat performance!

Falesia that nifty tool (Namebench) showed me that the default Plusnet servers were second best for me, with a BT server coming in first.


Hey oldjim & community! I realise this is almost a dead thread but it is the best one I've found while trying to solve this problem. Thing is, I followed your instructions and when trying to delete the PlusNet dns routes (212.159.*) it says Failed to delete route. It allows me to add other dns routes so I've added Googles. Just wondering if you had seen this and maybe overcome it before?


Could I bump this and ask if anyone's found a solution to moominboy's problem? I'm having the same now. I want to delete the Google DNS server (or give it a high metric) and I get the same error.


Only way I could do it was

dns server route flush

which deletes all your connections, then adding the desired ones in again.


To delete a route:

dns server route delete dns= intf=Internet


I've changed the title of the article and the text to reflect that the article applies also to routers more recent than the Speedtouch range. Also added a note to use the Username and Password appropriate to the individual router as given in the guide that accompanied it.


I would suggest using 'DNSBench' over several days to build a list of the fastest DNS servers seen by your system, and probably avoiding google, opendns (redirects unknowns) & (can be unreliable at busy times)


Somewhat different commands on my TG582n (10.2.2.B.EH)

dns server forward list
dns server forward flush
dns server forward dnsset add set=0 dns= metric=9 intf=Internet


Any way to do this on a mac?

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