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Fluctuating speed, wireless issues?

« Reply #16 on 25/02/2012, 19:55 »
one easy workaround this would be for you be buy some homeplugs ,
you just plug one in a power socket by your router ,with a lead going from the router to the homeplug
then in the room you use your laptop you plug the 2nd homeplug in a power socket then a lead from the homeplug to your laptop
« Reply #17 on 25/02/2012, 22:30 »
Thanks for that niko!  Smiley
I've never heard of homeplugs, so I searched on and it actually looks like something fairly easy and not too expensive to try if I continue to have wireless trouble. It will give me a very realistic and workable alternative. that it seems to actually make sense to me on first reading!
« Reply #18 on 25/02/2012, 22:34 »
no problem ,they really are plug and play
and to be honest i think there better than wireless ,id have a think about getting some anyway
i installed  some for a friend with a very big house and the speed at the 2nd plug is the same as off the router i was very impressed
« Reply #19 on 27/02/2012, 13:24 »
Just giving this a bump-up in case Plusnet have anything else to add, whether I need a new router etc....although from what I've read a Thomson V8 would be much worse than the V7 I have for wireless connection. Or whether I should just persevere with my intermittent issues or do as niko suggested and try the homeplugs instead?
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« Reply #20 on 27/02/2012, 14:42 »
Hi there,

It may be the router itself though unfortunately this is now outside the warranty period I'm afraid so we wouldn't be able to replace it on that basis. Regarding the v8's though, the wireless issue only seems to be with certain adapters rather than across the board.

Having said that though I suspect homeplugs would be a faster and easier solution, wired ethernet is much less susceptible to errors and slowdowns.
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« Reply #21 on 27/02/2012, 15:07 »
Thanks Matt.
If my router does completely go wrong anytime am I able to actually buy a router from Plusnet?
I've seen people on the forum asking about what routers to buy and quite frankly it's something else that confuses me, so if I had to get another one, I like to make sure it worked with Plusnet.
« Reply #22 on 28/02/2012, 10:26 »
Hi VictoriaIceni,

Yes, you could get a router from us. We'd need 4.99 P&P but the 40 charge for the router would only be taken if you left within 12 months.

Jojo Smiley
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« Reply #23 on 28/02/2012, 14:00 »
Many thanks for letting me know about that, Jojo.  Smiley
« Reply #24 on 28/02/2012, 20:06 »
You're welcome. If you'd like to do that just give us a call on 08004320200 Smiley
Joanne Pilson
Plusnet Billing Operations Analyst
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