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Doing you proud...

March 20th, 2014 at 09:30 by Martyn Hudson


Plusnet has today secured its sixth, consecutive Which? recommendation for broadband

Which? is the largest independent consumer body in the country and has given Plusnet broadband a five star rating for value for money, accuracy and clarity of bills, and a four star rating in all other judging categories including: connection speed; ease of set up; ease to contact to the service provider; overall customer service experience; reliability of the connection and technical support.

To become a “Which? Recommended Provider” a product must receive an overall score of at least 70% in the Which? consumer survey and get an average or above ratings for all other aspects of service.  Plusnet broadband gained an overall score of 73%.

Andy Baker, Plusnet CEO said,

“To get this recommendation for the sixth consecutive time running, based on genuine customer feedback, is testament to the improvements we have been making and the ongoing value for money products we offer.”

However, Andy was keen to make reference to some recent service challenges...

“For any of you that have tried to call and speak to a member of our customer service team in recent months, you may have been subject to a long waiting time.  We are truly sorry for this but would like to reassure customers these delays are being rectified and we have taken extensive steps to return to the high levels of customer service they expect.

These steps include a number of changes at Plusnet. In November, we opened a second site in Leeds. This is a dedicated service centre and we are continuing to recruit new staff to permanent roles on a weekly basis.  Of the recent new additions to our team, we are also proud to confirm that 30 of these new recruits have joined on an Apprenticeship scheme.

Choosing to locate in Leeds not only strengthens our workforce and cements our Yorkshire roots but also illustrates our commitment to providing 24/7, UK-based customer service on an on-going basis.

The broadband needs and queries of our customers continue to change and we are currently multi-skilling a significant number of our service team to increase their technical knowledge. This will give them the increased ability to resolve customer queries at first contact.  The signs from this training are encouraging; we’ve seen 20% reduction in repeat calls already.

We’ve also further invested in our telephony systems and are simplifying processes to ensure customers get resolution as quickly as possible. ”



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I cannot believe this company is winning awards for customer service. I fell for this marketing scam and joined due to the poor customer service from Talktalk and was told my service was up and running from 18th March only to find that after waiting for half an hour to speak to support they had not processed my switch over and there was a fault.

I have contacted them via email, online and by phone only to be told someone will look into it and to allow 72 hours. Seriously 3 days to look into a fault and half an hour to speak to someone on the phone...How is this good customer service?

Still not service and they tell me I am contracted with them for a year. My advice would be forget Plusnet and join Sky or BT both of which I were able to switchover without any issues.

Terrible customer service, huge delays to speak with someone, they left me on a really old tariff so I was paying more and my phone has been off for 6 weeks.
Raised this with them again 2 days ago but still no reply. Im switching to BT as soon as I get a mac code.

I can't believe this company is winning awards. I have noted painfully slow broadband speeds since joining. Can't wait to leave them

It seems though as Plusnet is the only company in the UK at which they refuse point blank to change a Direct Debit date. I can change it at Sky, Virgin, BT etc etc. But not here!! So every month I get debited 4 days before I am paid - DOES NOT DO ME PROUD AT ALL!!!

This company provides the worst service ever they wont do you proud they will rip you off and they are owned by BT If you are able to talk to them on the phone after a long wait they dont listen to you avoid they


It does make you wonder how PlusNet are getting such awards lately with all the complaints about not being able to get through to C/S.

I have just joined PlusNet and have no complaints so far. Everyone on the phone has been polite and most helpful trying to get me on line as fast as possible after changing over from Talk Talk.


@A Smith.

Hi and sorry to hear there's been an issue at such an early stage.

Please feel free to send me a private message with your username so I can look into that and make sure we're doing all we can for you.



@A. Letts.

Hi there,

Sorry to hear about this. just to make you aware we don't change anyone's tariff, however if you're opted into our marketing emails you should see when we have new products available which might suit you better.

I can see we have replied to ticket 82950097 but feel free to drop me a private message over on the forum section of the site if you need any help with this.



@Shahid Khan.

Hi, sorry to hear that. Have you raised a fault with us? that can be done at in case you're unaware.

Feel free to drop me a private message with your username so I can make sure we're doing all we can to help you with this.



Hi Kay,

I'm sorry we're unable to do this. This is something we certainly would do if we were able.

We do realise that the lack of ability to change direct debit dates is inflexible so we hope to be able to offer this in the future.



Hi, Sorry to hear about this.

It looks like you may have left us now but please do send me a private message if there's anything you still need our help with.


I've been with Plusnet for several years now and today is the first time I have become frustrated with the customer service. I simply need to rearrange an engineer appointment but have texted and raised a question through the website but no response. Finally endured calling despite being warned it would be a 15 minutes wait. I don't expect to have to wait that long and if you want to reduce call volumes then you could have picked up my two communications before I made the call. I think this needs sorting urgently or the hard won reputation of Plusnet could be lost in a very short space of time. Thanks Lidia


good internet connection but rubbishy customer service


As a member of Which?, the consumer magazine, my saga of trying to get a phone line installed with Plus Net since January will bear weight.
Plus Net blame Open Reach and Open Reach blame Plus Net.
I have had advice from Ofcom and my local council (who are also implicated in the delay)but without a landline phone (local mobile service is very poor)this has been a huge challenge.

sorry i bothered with this shambles of a provider. should change your slogan to, "we'll do you pockets"! always 15 - 30 mins wait time for customer support, 2 weeks on average to get faults fixed, slow to refund any over charges and only after many times asking. dont fall for it, ads are good, service totally crap!!


Hi Lidia,

I'm very sorry for the long wait time you experienced.

You can view our live call stats here:

We are working on improving the wait times as they are still not where we would like them to be. We are hiring more staff in the new call centre in Leeds and we are confident that we should see a decrease in the wait times over the next couple months.

Did you manage to get through to us in the end to re-arrange your engineers appointment?



I'm sorry to hear this. Is there anything that I can help with? If so, feel free to send me a private message.




I'm sorry for the delay in your phone line being installed. I have responded to your thread in our Forums and our Provisioning team are monitoring your account.



Hi lowrie,

I'm sorry to hear this. We are working on lowering the call wait times, however, I do apologise if you were kept waiting that long. We agree that the wait times are not where we would like them to be and we are working on improving them by hiring more staff in the new contact centre in Leeds.

You can see what the wait times are like here:

I'm sorry to hear it took 2 weeks to resolve your fault. We do aim to resolve faults as quickly as possible, however, some may be more complex than others. Has the fault been resolved for you now? If it hasn't and you would like for me to take a look then feel free to send me a private message.



Hi Liz Jones,

Thank you for the positive feedback. I hope we can continue to provide you with the customer service you've experienced so far!



Hi glloyd,

We are aware of the wait times being longer than our customers and we would like. We are working on improving them by hiring more staff in our contact centre in Leeds and we also provide our live call stats available on our page here:

Were you trying to get through to us about something specific? If there's anything we can help with feel free to send me a private message.


I subscribe to, and have read the Which report, and I must say - I have always received excellent customer service from Plusnet as and when it has been required, mostly at 'setup' over a year ago and with one or two there things throughout the year - I always get through without bother and obtain satisfactory responses.

My broadband speed is governed by my rural location and I get what I was promised.

When my contract came up for renewal in February I received a courtesy call and unexpectedly was offered a further 6 months at half-price - even though I hadn't planned to leave!

I find the Invoicing / charging both clear and concise. I might add that I received similar service from my previous provider (MacAce), probably more personal but then their service comes at a price premium - the only reason i Left them.

I now look forward to being offered the Plusnet Youview service!




Hi Ian,

Thank you for the positive feedback! I'm glad to hear the service you've received is worth you taking the time to let us know!

We'll be releasing further information regarding YouView as soon as we have further information. For now you can find any information that we currently have here:


... currently on hold whilst i type this (10pm so not peak time)... considering moving from bt after over 10 yrs with them {price increaes), am broadband customer already with you - but found this forum + aghast at comments, now been on hold for 40 mins )recorded msg said 30mins) - so waiting in queue has given me time to see comments re waiting times of others. my query cannot be answered online or i;d not call. at least BT i got to speak to someone in about 10mins max + that was peak daytime. You have GOT to sort this out or you will lose customers, reputation, + not gain new ones - like me. REALLY DISAPPOINTED. thought you were better than this. last time i was on hold was for 30mins + i purposely rang at 12midnight to try to be less in queue. staff v helpful + patient but wait is ridiculous. NOW been on hold from 9.25pm, + now it is 10.20pm! also no idea where iam in queue. STAYING RELUCTANTLY WITH BT, I cannot spare 40mins to ?? on hold. what a shame + sadly a sham too. your staff are being let down by not enough of them. i will obviously be telling others. time now: 10.21pm ... still on hold, hanging up. thanks not for wasting my time. BT costs more but ithis waiting is too much. i am also nervous now moving given others' experiences mentioned above. time now: 22:25pm. AN HOUR.

i don't even WANT to stay with BT, but cannot get thru to you to help me potentially move to you; to be a phone customer too. yes you acknowledge you having problems but that doesnt help me. fed up with listening to Pulp, robert parker, human league - none of these help me switch to you. I had really hoped to move from BT who are charging more but my query is imposs to do on your website + FAQ are of no help to my specific situation. what has plusnet won its awards for? staying very reluctantly with BT for next 12mths cos i cannot get thru to you. i also read you are OWNED by BT? 22:32 signing off + giving up.

Hi, just wanted to thank Plusnet for their rapid response to my problem. As a new customer I had a problem with my phone line which was having a knock on effect with the broadband. I spoke to customer services and they arranged an engineer to call. He came within three days and located and repaired the fault. I am now a happy bunny with a decent phone line and good internet service. Cheers and a pat on the back Plusnet .

2 months now and still no phone line. I asked for a mac code but I have just been ignored, however Im receiving messages that I need to pay, funny how you dont forget that but why should I pay for something that doesnt work?????
I want a mac code so I can go somewhere with better customer service. I live in a rural area where my phone line is important. This is way beyond a joke, just give me my mac code and a working phone line. Worse than talk talk!

I have just left plus net, and used the switching service offered by sky. I have now been charge
£30 by plus net for not using a mac code even when out of contract

We are trying to join Plusnet after moving house. On March 4 the order to take the phone line over from BT was placed and confirmed. I can see that DD instructions have been set up for my current account on March 11, however more than 3 (!!!) weeks later still no activation date for either phone or broadband has been confirmed. I opened a support ticket 48 hours ago and the automated website confirmation said that the response time to the ticket would be around 34 hours. Complete silence. In the meantime we are forced to fork out lots of money for an internet connection using a mobile router with another provider and making calls on our mobiles. Can someone look into ticket 83336666 and confirm an activation date?


Hi fiona,

I am really sorry for the wait time you experienced. For future reference you can monitor our live call stats here:

If you wanted to move your phone over to Plusnet this isn't something you should necessarily need to speak to us to do. You can arrange this yourself on the member centre by adding phone.

Feel free to send me a private message if you do have any questions that need answering before you decide to do this.



Hi Liz jones,

Thank you very much for the positive feedback. I'm very glad to hear we managed to resolve your issue in a timely manner and that you are now enjoying the service.



A. Letts,

I'm sorry to hear you're thinking of leaving. If you require a MAC Code you will need to speak to our Customer Options team. They are open Monday - Friday 09:00 - 20:00 Saturday 09:00 - 17:30 and they can be contacted on our Support numbers (0800 432 0200 / 0345 140 0200).



Hi Stacy,

Our cessation charges are stipulated here:

If you moved over to SKY then the £30 cessation fee would be applicable as SKY operate on a different network to Plusnet if you do not use a MAC Code to migrate.

You may no longer be in contract, however, if you signed up on contract this charge is still applicable.

The cessation fee doesn't apply if you use a MAC Code to migrate away OR if you had Plusnet Essentials or Plusnet Unlimited and you never signed up for a contract (hence paid higher cost for your services).



Hi Kerstin,

I am very sorry to hear that you've not heard back from us regarding your orders.

I will take a look into this for you and provide further updates on your account.



Hi Ian,

Thank you very much for taking the time to give us positive feedback! I'm glad to see that you're happy with our service.

You can monitor any progress regarding the YouView trials here:


"Average answer time today 6 minutes and 29 seconds"
i have tried calling multiple times at varying times of day and night without success - as a matter of principal I give up after 15 minutes. I think there is only one person answering the phone. Still waiting for Broadband activation.


Doing you proud?,125416.0.html
Read my forum post.
If i post here too someone from plusnet might 'and I stress "might"' respond and actually do something.


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Is this a joke too? I am logged in. It put my name next to the comment.. and above the text box reads.. 'logged in as'..
Typical plusnet

Oh very funny. How can i call you to get a mac code when you have not repaired my phone line? You do not need to speak with me at all. I want a mac code. This is beyond a joke. I am refusing to pay you a penny more till this is sorted.

As Liz Jones said, Plusnet have done everything they said they would. They changed me over from Talk Talk (an appalling service provider) and gave me a service where I can watch iplayer without watching that damned circle go round and round. They did exactly what they said on the tin, did me proud.

Well I am still waiting three weeks later , for my plus net router an keep getting fobbed off that it's on it's way , at this current moment would not recommend anybody to get this service , up to 30 minute queues waiting to speak to someone for them to not know what they are talking about !!


It just shows how poor the competition is. "Fast, cheap, reliable Broadband"? Not for many of us stuck with a landline!


The slogan "Doing you proud" has a double meaning - i certainly feel done!

I can't believe they're winning awards either - raised an issue Friday and still waiting for a response.

SLOWER CONNECTIONS THAN DIAL UP in the 90s as soon as it gets past lunchtime. HOPELESS - I can't run my business when it takes 45 minutes to download a single order. Off to check out BT infinity or Sky..........


my new installation date has arrived and I am waiting but having been unable to get a confirmation to my email 6 days ago I tried phoning. I now realise why there are so many complaints about phone waiting times. I can't afford these mobile charges to 0800 numbers when the queue times are so long- how can I get an update? How do I send you a private message? "Doing me proud"?


Hi Giles,

I'm sorry for the long wait times. I hope you managed to get through to us in the end. Feel free to private message me your username if you would like me to take a look for you.



An update has been provided now and I have also commented on the Forum thread. I hope this is resolved for you soon.


Andy Letts,

I'm sorry the fault with your phone line has not been resolved.

Unfortunately you need to speak to our Customer Options team to get a MAC Code or send us a letter requesting this. You can call our Customer Options team from a mobile on number 0330 123 9197.


Hi Tim Moy,

Thanks for taking the time to post some positive feedback! Glad to hear you're enjoying the service!


Hi Anthony,

Sorry for the long wait! Have you managed to get through to us regarding your router? Your router should arrive a couple days prior to the scheduled completion date of your broadband order.


Hi richard,

I'm sorry to hear you feel we're not doing you proud! Feel free to send me a private message if there's anything you would like me to take a look at.


Hi Tara,

I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing slow speeds!

Have you raised this to our Faults team to have a look into at all? If you haven't, this can be done here:


no word from Linn yet (about my questions above)but this after my 2nd no-show installation:

"unfortunately the engineer assigned today is to complete the pole renewal and not the internal installation. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience this may have caused"

I was told that both the pole renewal and installation would happen today and spend another morning waiting.

The "sincere apology is hollow"- at best a disregard for customer service, in reality more like contempt after the lack of communication


Hi shantijoe,

If you wish to send me a private message log in to the Forums and find me on any post and then click the icon under my name that shows "Personal message" when you hover your mouse over the icon.

I've got two connections, one is plusnet and the other is cable. My plusnet connection is playing up alll the time in peak time yet the cable connection (no QoS) has no problem at all.

Right so I follow all the steps to be told everything looks ok but yet I still have the same problem in peak time on my PN connection only. Yet when I ring up and wait 30 mins all I get told is everything looks ok.... WTF clearly everything isn't ok and going thou the same steps 10+ times and the same problem lasting over a year, at what point are you going to fix the problem or allow me to end my contract. I should sue PN for the damage they have done to me and my mental health.

Stay away from the Plusnet for the sake of your health.

One last thing.

The problem with plusnet and online gaming is not ping, its not download speed because all of these things seems ok. The problem is desync to the gaming server.

The rubber-banding in fifa and battlefield are a form of desync to the server, that's at the extreme end of desync. The sort of desync you don't see is impossible to report. Being killed instantly with one hit and after unloading a clip into that person who killed you, being killed by a person while shooting them in the back will never be picked up on. Being hit in dayz by a zombie while not in range of your own weapon is a type of desync. Non of this will ever get fixed.

Lean your stuff Plusnet.

Yes I raised a fault on Friday - would LOVE a response!

I paid for broadband on 5th March and despite numerous promises and 3 engineer visits PlusNet still can't connect me to the internet. I am now in the process of writing to Ofcom. It is unbelievable that they have won awards, I will also be writing to Which? to let them know that they have awarded the wrong provider.

Hi everyone. at first I had problems with plusnet it took time to sort it out. But since it been sorted out I am happy with the service. If people think PlusNet is bad. You should try Talktalk as I had nothing but problems with that company. always talking payments early, then when you change charge you a whooping bill. I think Plus Net is having so many problems because a lot of talk talk customers are coming over to them so bear with them while they sort it all out for you they will get there in the end. and I think the service is very good.


Hi A customer of PN,

Sorry to hear you're having problems. I can only advise that you speak to our Faults team regarding this and see if they can assist. Alternatively you can have a look in our Forums to see if anyone can suggest something you've not tried yet. We will endeavor to resolve your issue, however, if we can't replicate/see the issue you're experiencing it will be difficult to decipher what the issue is.


Hi Tara,

Have you had a response from our Faults team now? It may be worth giving them a call if you've not heard back yet.


Hi Peter,

Sorry to hear of the issues you experienced when you signed up to us!

I'm glad to hear the service has now been installed and that you are enjoying it. Thank you for the positive feedback and for taking the time to write it!

AWARDS FOR SERVICE!!!Would that be why myself and numerous others are switching suppliers, maybe we are effed off with having to sit on a phone for 30mins waiting for someone to answer the damned thing, maybe we are sick of having to reboot our router and change the damned filter every 5 mins, losing critical data in mid download, or maybe is it because we just wont take CR*P ? And why, when I have arranged my service to change on 10th March have you disbled my McAfee??? Last time an idiot supplier did that they ended up in County Court for breach of agreement and it cost them several £1000's !! Would appear I shall be seeing PLusnet (or is that MINUS net) and your parent company (also a bunch of T***ERS) in front of the Judge. Bye Bye, plusnet, AR*****ES.

And whilst at it, where is the response to my complaints last week that I was promised would be addressed rapidly???

Ordered line on 12.2.14, installation of line due on 20.3.14 but cancelled, reorganised for 2.4.14. Waited in all day yesterday for between 1 - 6 pm appt. No engineer. Was told this morning by email that there was a delay. Am told that router is now on way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Customer service rubbish, wait so long for contact, was told apt for engineer was between 1 - 6 pm and he could still come - er it was already 6.10 pm at that point. Am shortly to be without internet access, am really very angry at this point.

Update - router appears to have arrived but is at the Post Office. A further email says that there will be a delay to the installation of my line............. Am about to purchase a dongle and request PlusNet to reimburse me, at least I will have some internet access, this is really totally unacceptable. Almost 7 weeks wait for an engineer to install a line............

I opened an account on Friday and paid for instalment and now I can't access my account and I don't know when it's being installed. There is no email address to contact plusnet and can't use costumer service until I'm logged in. Can you give me an email address to contact them please?

Phone line got sorted very quickly by Linn after posting a message here. Even got estimated completion date for broadband, however we are now past that date. Surprised? No, not really, we almost expected that this would happen. Order reference 2-93577451728 . Now taking bets how long it will be until we get a reply, an actual completion date, a functioning router in the post, a functioning broadband connection. Sigh...

As of this afternoon we finally have broadband active. Unfortunately this was only after I got on the phone to their customer service and spent 20 minutes on hold. Faye from the service team was very polite and helpful though and managed to get our connection up and running within 30 minutes of speaking to her. The PlusNet router is yet to turn up (due within 3-5 working days) and was only sent out this afternoon, but fortunately our old trusty Netgear router accepted all parameters :-) Still can't help the feeling that Plusnet have been overwhelmed by their marketing campaign: plugging gaps quickly where customers complain, but probably struggling to complete orders within the advertised timeframe (2-3 weeks for phone and another 5-7 days for broadband). Be prepared to wait longer and get on the phone immediately once those days have passed. Have they bitten off more than they can chew? Come on Plusnet, work hard to maintain your reputation and I might even recommend you! 😉

FAULT REF 81737474
Plusnet - What a shambles
Now without landline and internet since 22-02-2014
Plusnet cannot even send update texts to my mobile
Originally they did to a different mobile number
18 days since my last telephone request for text updates
The service is appalling
To say the service is useless is an understatement
Totally frustrated and dissatisfied

Is there a PLUSNET email address for complaints?
I doubt it


Hi Nicksjag,

Sorry to hear of the issues you've experienced. Feel free to send me a private message on the Forums if your complaint hasn't been followed up and I can get that chased for you.
If you arranged for your service to end on the 10th of March, when did the McAfee stop working?


Hi Marion,

Sorry to hear of the delay in your services being installed. Have you received an update regarding this now?


Hi S Munro,

We don't have an email address for customers to email us to.

Communication is either by calling our Support Team on the numbers which can be found here:

Or by creating a ticket which involves logging into the member centre.

Or by sending us a letter and the address can be found on the page I've pasted above.

You should've received a confirmation email when you created your account with your username in it.


Hi Kerstin,

Has this all been resolved for you now? I've had a look at the order and it states it's complete. Are you able to connect?


Kerstin, I read your follow up post after posting my reply already!

I'm glad to hear it's all working now. Have you received your router from us now?


Hi L Carter,

I'm very sorry to hear you're having issues with your services.

Below is a link detailing how you can raise a complaint:

Unfortunately they don't have an email address. We use the ticketing system via the member centre as means to contact our support teams.

I have had a look at this for you and can see that the fault requires 3 way traffic lights to be put up and authorized by your local council as it includes extensive underground dig work to resolve the fault. As much as we strive to resolve faults as quickly as possible in this event a lot of work is required and this will unfortunately take time. The latest update is that the work is expected to be completed by the 27th of April.

I'm very sorry for the extensive delay. Our Faults team will be monitoring this on the ticket on your account.

Disappointed with service. I had a call from Plusnet a couple of weeks ago suggesting that I should upgrade, which I agreed to, but immediately following the upgrade I had problems with my broadband service. Logged a call with technical support - their response, when I eventually got it, did not help me resolve the problem. In the end I resolved it myself by doing some research on the internet!


Wow I have been with for nearly eleven years now; as well as having twenty+ clients using their services. In all the years I have had so few problems for myself and my clients I have only had the need to call a handful of times. On these occasions the help has always been exemplary, thankfully no following of guide sheets and wait times have varied from almost instant to at worst maybe fifteen minutes.

Sorry to hear that other users have had bad experiences but I for one will keep on recommending

Hello - I Need help with phone/broadband contract terms and conditions, where can I find them?. Need to find any legal way I can disconnect myself from plusnet for ever. Bit melodramatic maybe - and the reasons why are too long and dull to go into here - but I have been treated like a mug long enough, its time I fought back! Stopping direct debit seems like the first logical step...

What a joke, Plusnet are the worst company I have ever had dealing with in my life.
I cancelled my broadband and changed it to mail only and they cancelled my direct debit in error and are now threatening me because I have not paid the bill. When you try to ring them no one ever answers the phone or if they do idiots like the muppet I spoke to today seem to be incapable of even basic intelligence.
Do not use this company they are useless. They never admit a mistake and think they can frighten you with threats of debt collectors to make you pay when it is their fault.
I don't know who they bribed to get which to reward them for good customer service!


hmmm do us proud well yes if the site wasnt a sister company with BT the amount of hassel ive had hasnt done me proud far from it


Very pleased with plus net so far.However i recently refreshed my PC said it would not destroy any programme. I Have lost all of the ones I put on and also my EMail icon for Live Mail. I cant get it back on and now have to go through google and web page. Very time consuming ,. How cAn i get it set up again?? Thanks

Well i have been with plusnet for a few months now and to totally honest its the worst speed i have encountered they should call it minusnet. Same time every day the speed drops and stays dropped to well into the middle of the night. same old issues we are experiencing issues with the broadband and getting it sorted telling me to restart my router to re connect BAH RUBBISH.
I to was blinkered when i signed up for so called great value more like blind hope of getting a decent speed and service at least with my previous provider they didnt slow me down of a evening intermittent speed drop outs buffering and to cap it all if i was to cancel the contract the wopping fee they expect me to pay as a cancelation. as soon as the contract ends i am outta here.
They dont deserve any awards apart from worst broadband company.



Hi David, I'm very sorry to hear that the issue wasn't resolved and that it resorted to you having to resolve it without our help and support. Feel free to send me a private message on the Forums with your account details and I can take a look into this and ensure this is fed back to the agents you spoke to.


Indie IT, thank you for taking the time to post some positive feedback. It's appreciated a great deal!


Paul, our Terms and Conditions can be found here:

I'm sorry to hear that you are wanting to cancel your services. If there's anything we can help with please feel free to send me a PM on our Forums and I can take a look into this for you.


Adrian crane, I'm sorry to hear the closure of your account did not go as planned. Has this been resolved for you now? If it hasn't please don't hesitate to send us a private message in our Community Forum and I will help as much as I can.


ant, we are a subsidiary to BT and as many other providers we rely on them for Provision and Repair as they maintain the network. If there's anything you would like us to assist with please do let us know.


pancres, sorry to hear you're having issues with your PC. This may be something our Technical Support team can assist you with, however, as your PC is your own personal equipment we can't guarantee that we can offer support for 3rd party equipment. I'd advise giving them a call though to see if they can help.


martin, I'm sorry to hear of the issues you're experiencing. I would advise raising a fault here: if you've not already done so. Hopefully our Faults team can resolve this issue for you soon.

Hey there Linn what is the point in raising an issue or a ticket for faults that minusnet dont have the gumption to respond properly but just pass the buck on to the next poor sole who works for the company. I ended up going to my previous provider who was more than happy to spend 20 mins on the phone even though i am no longer a customer with them to sort certain issues with this problem with YOUR SUPPLY OF BROADBAND.
Maybe Minusnet should take a leaf out of smaller providers and stop trying to be something that they wish they was and as usual plusnet service information online services and streaming are STILL having issues and dont i know it. Time to turn the internet off and read a book me thinks.


My land line has been erratic for 1 month,, no dial out line, no incoming calls, receives and transmits messages, internet connection is working. I reported this but after changing the batteries in the phone and checking stability of all connections, got it working, for 1 day!
MY daughter had the same problems, in the same area as myself, she even went to the bother of replacing her phone but to no avail, erratic telephone connection.
As her contract is soon coming to an end she is changing her supplier and I will be following her when my time is up.
I always pay annually up front, so they have my money and couldn't care less about my problems.
I will be going for fibre optic but NOT with Plusnet!


I have been with PN for over 10 years as a residential and a business user and have found their service to be pretty dammed good. However when an issue requires the involvement of BT (Openreach who own and manage all the wires) the service can look like the very bad old days of British Telecom - a state monopoly who frankly does not care about the service they offer because there is nowhere else to go to. The vast bulk of the issues one reads about on the forums have BTOR fingers in the problem. This is not a matter of passing the buck, PN still own the issues and seek to manage them, but have no direct control on their resolution - fact. If BTOR did a better job, the call centres would have less issues on their hands and could be more responsive to callers.

People might think that they will get better service from someone else (like BT with their Indian call centres - lol) however it is still the same stuck in their ways BT Openreach delivering the infrastructure, which even when they admit is faulty will not always rectify the problem.

Reading some of the posters on here, if you have a problem with your phone line, then that is a BT - yes a BT (Openreach) issue so you would still be faced with EXACTLY the same issues if you moved to BT retail, but have the disadvantage of speaking to India, who frankly are even less interested in your problems than people suggest PN are.


Martin, thank you for your feedback. I suggested raising a fault because that's the team who would need to investigate the issues you've described. Our Faults team will do their best to resolve your issues, however, they need to be made aware of the issues in the first place.


Hi pauline,

I'm sorry to hear you're having issues with your phone service. Have you raised a fault with us regarding this?


Thanks for taking the time to post this feedback, townman. I'll speak to you in the Forums soon, I'm sure :)

I’m a new customer, believed the Which? Magazine reviews. Paid for the installation and service TWO MONTHS ago, not two weeks as advertised on their website. Still have no landline or internet.
I don’t even want to call them again; I’m leaving. Polite staff doesn’t mean that the job gets done.


I have been on PlusNet customer for 4 years without much issue until now. Then I decided to upgrade to fibre - quite simply the worst customer service fiasco I have ever encountered. It goes something like this:

1. Order placed on or around 15th March
2. New PlusNet Telephone line installed on 27th march far so good
3. Engineer turned up on 10th April to cut over to Fibre, had to leave as PlusNet forgot to send out router (plus net Apologies) - I have taken a day of work for installation :-(
4. PlusNet send out router say they will contact me as they will need to rebook another date for the engineer to attend site with around a 10 day lead time (10 Days even though it is their fault !!!)
5. I hear nothing for 2 weeks so call PlusNet, oh they say we have forgotten to notify you the engineer is booked for the 28th April (apologies again from PlusNet)
6. So another day of Work for me for the engineer to attend to install router and setup fibre booked fro 28th April
7. Engineer just does not turn up on the 28th, phone PlusNet, they say BT contactor cancelled but they forgot to tell me , another wasted day of work (more Apologies from PlusNet)
8. Order has to be rebooked again PlusNet say they will expedite this time, Rebooked for the 8th may
9. 8th May (another day of work) Engineer turns up this time, and installs the fibre router etc. and leaves - we think great we have high speed fibre broadband
10. Run a speed after the engineer leaves on the 8th May, it says running at 3500 kbps - just as slow as my previous non fibre connection
11. log a call on the 8th, and get a call saying ill get a response in 48hours
12. Its the 10th today and I still have a 3500 kbps connection, no response from PlusNet 48 hours later as promised

So two months after placing my order still no high speed fibre broadband



I'm very sorry to hear of the delays you've encountered and that these have meant that you are now considering cancelling. If you would like me to look into this then please feel free to PM me on the Forums.


Hi dellunn,

Really sorry to hear of the issues you've experienced whilst upgrading to Fibre. I'd be more than happy to take a look into this for you if you could PM me your details through our Forums?

I have been with Plusnet for several years and always found their support to be very good. My biggest problem was when I upgraded to fttc as BT Openreach were clueless. Engineer turned up on appointed day to find that the details he had been given for the BT cabinet were wrong, finally setup successfully 3 weeks later. Plusnet were very helpful but they suffer the vagaries of Openreach like every other ISP. Currently get 21Mbps download and 5Mbps upload. Over the years I have had a couple of routers which arrived promptly.


Well I have a computer services business and deal with broadband faults every week. Plusnet are simply the best low cost provider I have dealt with and I have referred well over 250 of my customers to them. The feedback I receive from my customers is also in agreement with this statement. The problem is that with a product that is this low cost, is it not possible to be perfect all of the time. The quality of the support including the superbe plusnet website Members Centre is streets ahead of Talktalk, BT, orange etc.. So I am not surprised the Which award - well done.



i've just been reading through some of the comments and noticed that ian handley, posted on 26th march 2014, that when is renewal was due, plusnet called him and offered him 6 months half price, even though he had no intention of leaving. i was never offered this and this month my monthly bill has gone up. i was asked in march if i wanted to pay line rental saver, which i did. if i hadn't paid this upfront, would i have received a call offering me the 6 months half price? i feel cheated and it frustrates me that existing customers can't take advantages of the great deals plusnet offers. is there anything you can do for me. thanks elaine

Its quite easy for people to leave a comment or write a BAD review, However when things go right and smooth as can be people are quite happy to do nothing as this is expected to be the "norm".. I have been with plusnet for 14 months, I have had problems and I have had them sorted by a friendly bunch of people on the end of the phone...bear in mind these people are doing a job if you speak to them like a p.o.s your not going to have the best customer service experience.
Good work plusnet. No issues here. keep it up !!

Plusnet has ruined 3 weeks of my time and cancelled two appointments, refused to bring forward a third and still no internet... rubbish service

I am surprised to see the volume of complaints on this site. I have been with Plusnet for a few years and found that it works for me. Somtimes, there is a small slowdown in speed, but not enough to be a problem for me. When I have required help, I received it. Staff were patient and helpful, especially recently when I needed a new router and also also to set up my tablet computer to receive emails. No complaints so far!



I'm sorry to hear that you experienced a delay getting the FTTC service installed, glad that's been sorted for you now. Thank you for taking the time to post!



Thank you for the positive feedback.



To discuss any deals that may be available to you please contact our Customer Options team - 0800 4320 200/0345 1400 200. They are open Monday - Friday 09:00 - 20:00 Saturdays 09:00 - 17:30.


Hi Billy,

Thanks for taking the time to post and for the positive feedback!


Ali Beg,

I'm sorry to hear this. If there's something we can help with please get in touch on our Community Forums, Twitter or Facebook page and we'll do all we can to help.



Thanks for the positive feedback! Glad to hear you're enjoying the service. If your speeds slow down and they become a problem don't hesitate to raise this with our Faults team here:


How does 72 hours before they even escalate a disconnection to BT constitute good customer service? Then a target of 7 working (ie 9 days) to repair is just a joke. Especially when they are missing this target. As the average time is over 7 working days how long must some people be waiting. Who exactly are they'Doing Proud' certainly not customers who are unfortunate enough to suffer a fault.

We are intermittently unable to pick up mail in iOS devices receiving such error messages as , the mail server is not responding, or the connection to the outgoing server failed.

Sending mail to returns a message that you don't pick up mail and advises us to call.

When we do you haven't got enough people to answer calls.

I have to comment here that your service is not what it was when we signed up and not what it is advertised to be.

We now remain with severe email problems and you offer no obtainable support.


Plusnet..........what a terrable company they treat u bad, they have no customer service. Wished I had never been talked into signing up with them. Cannot wait for my contract to be finished so as I can sign up with a decent company.

i've been with plusnet for some time now never a problem speed is always about 1.8-1.9 which is reasonable for my 2mb package.
today was the first time i had a problem due to transfering to fibreoptic and opting for a new package engineer was confirmed new router at the ready and no one showed up.
After a quick call to c.s it was brought to light that the system hadnt booked the appointment yet had processed everything else. c.s lady said that she would re-book an appointment. my partner came home and not sattisfied with what had been said re-contacted c.s and got through to ollie page after 5mins on the phone ollie couldnt figure it out and was very apoligetic and gave a discount and couldnt of been more helpful he got the appointment checked and will check again in the morning to make sure it has gone through. partner is sattisfied and hopefully all will go well.

all of you who moan about plusnet should stop and think is it them that are causing your problems or is it the fact that plusnet relies on the likes of b.t and openreach to do the work on there behalf as they are the line owners.
ive been with talk talk what a load of cr*p
b.t ok speeds but there c.s is sh*te and they will sell on your details.
tiscali was great whilst it lasted till talk talk ruined it!
sky over priced sh*te service
plusnet is as good as theycome and have always done us proud and stuck to there word and the best bit is the ENGLISH c.s
whats the point in asking for help if you cant understand what there saying!

PLUSNET AND UKIP BOTH GOT MY VOTE!! keep up the good work!!


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