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Our Best Ever Price for Unlimited Broadband

December 26th, 2013 at 07:00 by Kelly Dorset

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing great value home phone and broadband packages, we have launched a new deal offering unlimited broadband for £2.50 a month. From today, (Boxing Day), you’ll see Joe back behind the smoothies’ counter on a TV set near you. He’ll be talking about the benefits of unlimited broadband through the medium of giant juice drinks!

We found out that 78% of people say they find getting a good deal satisfying so this offer gives broadband users a real chance to get the most for their money on broadband.

Plusnet’s latest deal runs until 25th February and offers:

  • £2.50 Unlimited Broadband
  • Unlimited broadband £2.50 per month for the first twelve months with a Plusnet phone line
  • Normally £9.99 per month
  • Line rental from £10.99 per month (paid annually, otherwise £14.50 per month)
  • To claim this offer customers should visit

Take a look at the Plusnet website for more information on the deals.

Research conducted by Bryter on behalf of Plusnet August 2013 with 2,036 overall UK respondents.

Terms and Conditions:

Unlimited Broadband £2.50 a month for the first 12 months. Normally £9.99 a month. Available to new Plusnet customers who sign up to an 18 month contract for Plusnet Unlimited broadband with a Plusnet home phone package from £14.50 (including line rental and UK* weekend calls) a month. For customers signing up by 25th February 2014 at
If you live in a low cost area and take Plusnet line rental at £14.50 a month you pay £2.50 a month for 12 months, then £9.99 a month from month 13 (otherwise £9.50 a month for the first 12 months, then £16.99 a month from month 13 ).
If you need a new phone line installing at your property, there is a £49.99 installation charge. *UK means 01, 02, 03, 0845 & 0870 numbers. Exclusions apply. Payment by Direct Debit required. £5.99 charge for router delivery, should you choose one.


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87 comments on "Our Best Ever Price for Unlimited Broadband"

It's just a pity you don't mention that LRS (Line Rental Saver)equivalent to £10.99/month doesn't include any calls. A bit naughty and misleading that?!


Another incredible 'honey pot' deal for new customers, subsidised (of course) by existing customers. Don't you think it's a little perverse that your sole reward for loyal, long term customers is to make them essentially fund these obvious loss-leader introductory offers? Great for new customers, a punch in the face and hand in the wallet for existing customers.

I am afraid that you can not claim "Our Best Ever Price for Unlimited Broadband". You have previously charged £1.99 for unlimited broadband. To make this claim you would have to charge £1.98 or less, come on Plus Net back to school and try harder at maths.

Agree with Lee on this one. Rather disappointed having just signed up for Unlimited on a "Special Offer for Existing Customers" at £2.99 pm (for 12 months) on an 18 month contract. How about a level playing field here?


Unfortunately we have different offers at different times, that's the nature of a special offer. I'm sorry you just missed out on this.


The cost over the life of the contract is lower as the special offer is applied for a longer period.

Totally unimpressed with every part of Plusnet, how you won your Which accolade beats me!! even if you did want to speak to a customer care representative it will take you over 40 minutes to get through(I gave up after 38), you have failed for me on every count and I cannot wait to leave. Ironic that I left BT for all the same reasons; namely poor customer services, covertly expensive, altering deals through the contracted period etc etc. At least there is one plus to plusnet, you do the bad bits better!!


Hi Justin,

Sorry to hear of the problems you've been having, we are aware that the call times are too long at the moment which is why we've recently opened a new support centre and are recruiting quickly to fill it.

I can't wait for my contract to end so I can leave..


Let's hope your infrastructure can handle an influx of new customers. The connection I have from you already lags badly making gaming almost impossible.


Shame that these offers are not true offers.

What happened to good honest broadband without "you need your phoneline with us as well"?

i to am fed up with the £2.99 offers and since i moved to unlimited my speed is 2.5mbps why am i even paying so much for internet only one person can use at a time at least with virgin i had the full 5 mbps my line takes sort it out or im leaveing and taking 8 other pepole on plusnet with me

Well Well dont believe everything P/N tells you.
My Telephone was moved from another bought out Company ( was with them for many years and very happy till now)I am on Anytime Calls and yet I am paying 23p and even 60p for local calls, we dont even pay this much for Mobile calls.

I phoned them to leave and was offered a deal, like a damn idiot I agreed. I am still waiting for this deal. Only 11 more Months of this rubbish.

meant to say 23p and 60p per minit.

I have nothing but praise for Plusnet
Every Issue I have had (Few and Far between) have been dealt with efficiently and quickly.
They are curteous and patient on the phone...
I have been with other ISP's who were awful Virgin were terrible..the worst service I have had anywhere and the worst broadband provider by a mile in my opinion...
Keep up the Good Work Plusnet..You I am more than happy..


Seems to me that once again anyone not in a low cost area is subsidising the cheap 12 month head line grabbing pricing part of the 18 month contract for the offer.

Check the percentage discount on the before and after 12 month pricing for both low cost and not low cost areas:-
2.50 then 9.99 low cost, around 75% discount for 12 months.

9.50 then 16.99 not low cost, around 44% for 12 months.

Go figure.

Well I have phoned 5 times for at least 5 minutes a time before hanging up, no response to my request on their site, if this is the sales team and they can't be bothered to reply, I must wonder how bad their support team would be once they actually have your money.


I can tell you.. they are awful. 16 months into a problem and still no resolution. Tickets unanswered for weeks on end and stupid mistakes made due to the staff not reading what was in the ticket. Just had yet another night of gaming ruined by the appalling lag on the connection and now getting more than fed up about it.

I was very happy with Plusnet when I joined, having had a very bad experience with Talktalk. However, I am getting increasingly disgruntled as my bills are going up all the time and I can't speak to anyone at Plusnet to find out why. I have been phoning on and off for three days without getting through. Enough is enough, I shall be moving elsewhere.

I've sung Plusnet's praises in the past - have been with Force 9 since 2000 - but I'm pissed off now. Market 1 fees are higher (rural areas cost more) so I can't qualify for the better deals you offer. Now this month, a 45% increase in latest bill...not happy! Support ticket times are 51 hours plus! Seriously thinking of going back to BT!!!

Well it seems to me that this company is very amateurish and doesnt know how to put its troubles right I have been having trouble with them to even get activated NO PHONE NOW and no EMAILS also.


This morning I phoned the retention team on the advise given in the broadband forum as my contract ends early Feb. They offered me a better deal with 16GB instead of my 10GB (I don't even use that)and the price is lower at £2.50 instead of £2.99. Also advised me that when I renew my phone line saver I will still get evening and weekend calls. I also got through in a couple of minutes and they were extremely helpful & friendly. Perhaps I just picked a good time to call? Haven't had confirmation email yet though, was told it would be through in the next minute. that was around 11.00 am.


Re above, the retention staff actually sent a confirmation message through another route - view my questions. It was within two minutes of phone call!



Sorry to hear that, I've had a look at your account and can see we fixed a phone line fault early in December, is there anything else we can help with?


We still offer broadband without phone, however this does cost extra per month. There aren't many broadband providers that offer this at all.

@Paul Dixon

I can't see any open faults on your account, if you don't report issues to us we can't help to resolve them. If your speeds are still low I'd suggest reporting this to us here:


Is there anything I can help with?


The discount value is the same amount regardless of market area, £7.49

@Alan Reilly

Did you manage to get through to us?


If you can let me know a ticket number from your account, I'll take a look and see what's going on.

@Sue Millard

Sorry to hear that your bills are going up, have you found the cause?


@Chris Parr
Doesn't make it right though does it?
I seem to recall that the idea of privatisation was to increase competition. Now I have to work out whether if company A is cheaper for Broadband and Company B is cheaper for phone; is Company C cheaper for both combined.

What happened to choosing my Broadband supplier based on price/service alone. Particularly when, in my case, my line rental is with a GROUP company - your shareholders are making a profit out of me from phone/broadband; so why should I pay more if I switch package?

I am in the process of trying to join plusnet as a new customer from BT but the service I am experiencing is terrible and I'm only trying to cancel my request. I cannot get anyone to answer the phone (waiting time is 60 minutes ???), my emails are all being returned as no service for this type of request. There also doesn't seem to be anyone to escalate these issues to.

I moved to Plusnet 3 years ago firstly just for broadband I was so impressed
That once my phone line contract expired with another operator
I moved my phone to Plusnet
recently I contacted your customer service team to change to unlimited
Your team were excellent sorted out my 5 questions
I know the call wait was 30 minutes and you are sorting this problem new centre in Leeds
but as I was phoning your free phone
Number it did cost me anything just the wait
The trouble with most people is they want instant everything and can not wait for a minute
Plusnet keep up the good work as your monthly billing I like and is better than quarterly like other phone companies


Trying to find out about the bt sport service but been waiting for 15 minutes and reading the comments page to amuse myself. Finished all that and found nothing positive in all the comments.Think I'll have to ring off shortly and consider if continued support of Plusnet is really worth the candle.whoops got through on 18mins.lets see what happens.


@Chris Parr
Exactly my point sadly.
I will say however that I can't think of any ISPs with no LLU provision in an exchange who pass on savings to customers in low cost areas (market 1 and 2 exchanges) other than Plusnet.


EDIT > ....... who pass on savings to customers in low cost areas (market 2 and 3 exchanges) other than Plusnet.

@Chris Parr

That's just nonsense. That's like saying that the baker down the street bakes better bread because he has a Labrador as opposed to a Dalmatian. Maybe people don't want to stay longer than 12 months.

what I cannot understand is: plusnet is doing special offers to temp new customers and yet it is not offering something to existing customers to encourage them to stay .. make new customers, keep the old.. one is silver, the other one, gold!!!

£2.50!!? I'm paying £12.99 in a rural area where we've had whole days without any broadband connection over the past month, and speeds so low that dial-up years ago used to be quicker (it sometimes takes 20 minutes even to open one page of a website). Even the speed checker appears to time out! It will soon be quicker just to send letters by Royal Mail . . . As usual, longstanding contracted customers lose out and pay more for a worse service, while shiny new offers are made at low prices to lure in more new clients. Heigh ho. Profit is King.

I have been with Plusnet a few years now and had been one of their biggest fans, but now all they seem to be interested in when you actually get through is trying to make you sign up to something you do not want, I am so disappointed in plusnet, you were great what ever happened to the great team and company you had.
I do not live in one of the low cost areas, my fee is approx £14.99 for a very slow broadband


I see all these TV adverts offering cheap broadband for x months, and just laugh at the "cheap deal".
You can have broadband at that price if you have it for x months contract, pay x for phone line for, and there's typically some other charge such as activation on top. So really, overall, no one pays just the broadband deal price. There's always some extra costs involved.
I helped my g/f take out a broadband with PlusNet and she still ended up paying more than she thought as somewhere along the lines no doubt there was some other charge we hadn't worked out.

All I've ever wanted/needed in my house is broadband. I don't want to tie my phone into another contract as I'm happy paying £15 to BT with no contract. However, all the ISP deals seem to have small print of "if you take our phone line rental to us too".
Also, I don't understand why should I pay more for broadband just because I've not got a phone rental with my ISP? Broadband should be at least the same price whether I take phone or not.
This isn't PlusNet specific, they all seem to do it.

I don't advise anyone to leave there provider and go to plusnet,i am having so much stress and problems with my broadband.I spoke to Nickole Parker,Diane Smithson,and Emma and I was told to get a better connection I must go with Fibre.I am prepared to do that,but was told that I must sign up for another 18months contract for my phone and broadband to get the discount...Cunning hey!!The service is very,very poor.The lies,they cover one another.They need to train there staff in customer service.Pay the lil extra to use another provider and save yourself the stress.They keep saying its sorted when I put the phone down its the same old thing...GRRRR

Don't ever leave your current PROVIDER.....PlusNet sucks........Money making racket they are..

I am with the others, Plusnet TV adverts really annoy me - Market 1 customers being made to subsudise people with faster broadband again. Be honest in your adverts and say in big letters on screen Excluses Rural Broadband. This pricing policy is the ONE thing about Plusnet that will make me leave. Give us ONE PRICE FOR ALL all the time or fairer still based on the speed that we can get and not pay double for fraction the speed in cities. And I might go back to recommending Plunet to people again.

So new customers can get unlimited broadband for £2.50 per month, while after 4 years as a Plus Net customer (even taking them with me on two house moves), I haven't been offered a single discount (apart from the one issued for being stupid enough to get my family members to join) and I'm delivered a parting gift of a £50 bill, cheers Plus Net.

I was moved from 24 Talk to Plusnet and have had nothing but problems. I can't log in to my account even though I have correctly given my username and the password. Even tried to change my password but no go. Tried to ask Jess for an answer but tells me I have to put in my password and user name.Cannot get through on the phone after trying now on and off for three days.Call waiting times 15 to 30 mins. Who can afford that sort of time for a service that we are paying for anyway? If this is the type of service I will be getting from Plusnet then I will be chaging to B.T. where I know I will get a better service.

I find it funny that I can't get the £2.50 deal cause I have a Rural exchange (Cranfield), Yet how much more Rural can you get...Yorkshire based provider!! Its a joke how these companies decide who they will rip off to give others these so called deals. lol

Plusnet is excellent.Solid reliable connection,never falls off,connect any number of devices with cable or wireless.
My question is:when will BT Sport be available via pc?
I have it via Sky HD at the brilliant discount from PlusNet but would like the option of watching it online too.I don't subscribe to Sky anymore and cannot record off it with my Humax box, so would enjoy the online option.

Anyone complaining here just try orange, post office or many of the other providers
Plusnet is way faster no restrictions on unlimited.
Freephone uk call centre with knowledgeable staff instead of 0844 0845 087 number waiting costs to international staff who have no idea
Admit problems with customer waiting and opening a new call center.
I have tried many and Plusnet is the superior provider so far in my experience

A deliberate competitive and coverage ploy to drive subscribers back to BT. Amazing how the adverts completely disaffect existing customers


Hi there,

From our point of view it's more that we can afford to offer cheaper prices where people take both services with us, so we do. AFAIK the monopoly laws prevent us from sharing services with our owners, though I'm not a lawyer so may not have that totally right. Sorry you feel that way about it though.


Hi mick, we'd always recommend customers call our Customer Options team if they're interested in a deal - they'll usually be able to arrange something to everyone's satisfaction.


Hi RMN, as I said to mick we'd always recommend customers call our Customer Options team if they're interested in a deal - they'll usually be able to arrange something to everyone's satisfaction. If your line is running slow though we'd be happy to look into it for you if you raise a fault - you can do that at


Hi woolford, sorry to hear it's running slowly. If you think it's faulty please raise it to us at and we'll get it investigated for you.

If you agree to a 12 month contract,how come you are still classed as `contracted`in 13th month.

Surely legally I am potentially now a new customer!

Have tried several times to get through but got fed up!

Phone line makes no difference,all I need is a decent offer for broadband,you can have the phone line for as long as you want.


I have been a customer of Plusnet for years. I agreed to take on fast broadband in Dec. 2013. The engineer failed to turn up and Plusnet said it wasn't their problem it was Open Reach. I cancelled the move to fast broadband but in January a new router was sent to me (funny it wasn't sent in Dec) so I foolishly decided to contact Plusnet and rearrange another appointment. Guess what? the engineer failed to arrive. Sent an email to them only to receive an automated back stating I shouldn't communicate that way. Couldn't get through on phone and after 30 mins gave up. Unbelievably they are charging me for the fast broadband I don't have! What a shambles without any apologies. As soon as my existing contract is up, I'm moving. To say I am livid is an understatement. A letter has been sent to Plusnet warning them that I will be reporting them to OFCOM. I wonder if I'll get a reply?

Plusnet rang me today as our contract is coming to an end. Pointed out this £2.50 deal but they said that is for new customers, so I said ok then, when my contract ends I will be a new customer. Oh no, you have to wait six months before you can sign up again. When pushed they offered me £4.99 for six months then back to £9.99 for 12 months (what I am paying now) and tied in to an 18 month contract. They treat their existing customers with contempt, we have to subsidise their new customer deals. Guess what? I'm off when the contract expires unless they come up with something better.


I've been with Plusnet for around 18 months now.

In the beginning it was fantastic; support calls were answered really quick (on the rare occasion there was a problem). The speed was very reliable.

Six months ago I started having problems, the speed drops right down for a fortnight then comes back; still slower but usable. When I manage to get through to tech support, I have to go through the same explanation every time. By the time it comes to an engineer calling the speed picks up and I'm threatened with a £60 charge. So I decline the engineer. If he comes out and the fault has gone....

The other thing that riles me is the phone waiting times. Customer support was the thing that enticed me here in the first place but for the past 6 months it has been ridiculous. I've spent two hours on a Friday night just trying to let someone know that whatever they tried to do two days ago hasn't worked.

I used to help pay for my internet bill by filling out online surveys many of which were for internet providers. I ALWAYS gave a good account of Plusnet. Now I can't even load the surveys up.

So sad, this used to be a brilliant provider. I will be leaving at the end of my billing period.


Hi Terry,

That's just the name of the product, so our staff can differentiate it at a glance from a customer who's opted to take Unlimited without the contract. It doesn't mean that you're in a contract, just that you opted to take one when you changed to that product. Sorry for the confusion there though.


Hi Tony P, really sorry to hear that. You'll certainly get a reply to your letter, we'll respond by post as well though so it may take some time. I hope we're able to get this all sorted out to your satisfaction.


I have been with PN for a number of years was pleased with service I got till I upgraded my package last December, since then my referral discount has been underpaid by 50% each month.
When asking why only get told "read the link" time after time, so will try again when will you pay the correct discount amount?, and refund the shortage amount


Hi, the reason you were sent a link is because the QA engineer who's working on this issue is keeping the thread up to date with the latest developments - I'm afraid I can't add anything here that isn't already in the thread.

Deal sounds great, I already have broadband, been with Plusnet for over 6 years. Thought I'd take advantage of the offer only to be told that it doesn't apply to me because of the area??? Think this rather strange considering that BT is the parent company!


After 5 or more years of being with Plusnet, at two locations, I am now leaving as they cannot treat a customer with honesty or good faith. Started charging me £25 a month for broadband that they clearly advertise as £10-12 per month unlimited. Contacted their options team who refused to refund as they stated they could only refund one month. My fault I hadn't noticed the error apparently, but sorry Plusnet's system not capable of dealing with 3 months ovecharging. What honest organisation considers it right to treat customers this way. What price loyalty eh. This account cancelled and the other one will be in due course. Good job plusnet, what happened to this company recently....? PS this is not the end of my complaint.


I am having trouble with your Technicolor router in that it keeps dropping out on WiFi.
I have contacted support before who asked me to try another router, BUT my router is a D-link DSL-2740B and I have been unable via instructions to get it to link, yes dsl comes up OK.
1. SO, I would like you to tell me how to get my D-Link router to work with your system please ?.
2. I would like a way to respond to your queries without constantly going through a convoluted method of trying to get back to this very poor so called "Help Assistant".
3. I would like a better breakdown of my account especially this £1.50 charge as it goes through the bank not a credit card ?.
4. I would like an answer to these questions in the next 48 hrs please.
5. NO ANSWERS then I change my account I am fed up with this 30 minute wait as when I started you said you were getting this sorted and you advertise "We'll do you Proud" well your NOT !!!

I changed from Eclipse who were over 6yrs excellent, so I changed to save a few shillings but the service is appalling.
Regards Gordon.

Plusnet RIP people off....I paid £70 to get conected....Did my 12 months contract with them. And now they're charging me £25 to get diconected. (dont mention that in their adds do they?)...Emailed them on friday and still got no reply. Maybe thats because slugs travel faster than their broadband speeds!!!!!

I agree with Karen Kotze .....DONT USE PLUSNET...BE WARNED!!!!!!


@Su - Really sorry that you're unable to get the price we have advertised there. Please visit for further information on Market Areas and how they may affect you.

@Martin C - If you've a Complaint Ticket raised our Complaints Team will reply to you as soon as they can. If there is anything we can help with in the meantime, please do let us know.

@Gordon - With regards to your D-Link router, we will do our best to help you set this up, however, as it's not hardware we've supplied we can only offer limited support on Third Party hardware. You can find help on this by visiting our Community Forums at

We use the Help Assistant t answer your queries so that we can keep track of the questions you have raised us on your account - we do not offer a method via e-mail. You can alternatively write in to us if that is preferred.

If you do not use a Direct Debit as a form of payment and prefer to use a card, you will be charged £1.50 per month as this is the cost incurred for processing the payment. You can find detailed breakdown of your bills online at

I'm sorry you have found the service so poor.

@Jason - The £70 you're referring to, I assume was the cost of getting everything set up for you. When you signed up with us, you agreed to the Terms and Conditions which stated that if you wanted us to cancel your services (line) with us, you will incur a charge of £25 (£30 for new customers) as this is the cost charged by our suppliers for the connection to be terminated at the exchange.

If there is anything we can help with, please do let us know.


A friend is asking about them changing internet provider. Can't say I can recommend PlusNet at this moment as we are ( yet again ) back to PATHETIC download speeds of ( sometimes ) less than 1Mb/s.
PlusNet seem as bad as everyone else - ages on the phone on hold, all to be fobbed off by a patronising voice.
Only saving grace is you get a UK northern accent.

TO THE GREAT BRITISH PUBLIC - Don't be taken in by this offer or anything else that this business promotes. It is without doubt the most un-customer friendly organisation that I have ever had the misfortune to encounter. Don't give them the time of day, let alone your hard earned cash! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!


Totally fed up with reading about the 'great offers' when there are no incentives for loyal customers. We just pay more. Added insult - £101 cash back for new customers - should be your contract gets less for each year you are a customer rather than the present situation - your contract gets more expensive in order to subsidise new customers.

Blimey, some people are hard to please. I renewed my contract for a year at £9.99/month only to see it on the website at £2.99.Phoned them up and they couldn't have been more helpful, changed me to £2.99 no hassle. Only problem was it had to be 12 months, not really an issue as I had paid for a year in advance with the LSR.
Recently had an issue with my router. Yes, I had a 30 min wait on the phone but they phoned me back so I could find an Ethernet cable and not have to queue again.
Less than £15 a month for line rental,evening/weekend calls and unlimited broadband with great customer service, from my limited experience. What's not to like?


can I just say am new to plus net I had connection problems they were brilliant they sent me bt engineer and was sorted in no time I cannot fault them and the service they offer.100% brilliant all the way


id like to add when I couldn't get connected they were willing to brake contract if bt couldn't get line sorted they were more than helpful and plus net got me up and running they didn't charge me for engineer and all I can say is fANXS SO MUCH FOR BEING ACCOMODATING am very nhappy with the service and they are worth the money I couldn't b r fantastic only complaint I have is long time on fone waiting for customer services I couldn't had a better experience many fanxs


I will speak hughly of u to my friend s and please show my comments to staff to thank them all you're great

To the British public, I have recently moved house. All I wanted was to move my plusnet. Phone and broadband four (4) doors down to my new address. Phone was transferred but I still have no broadband service. I have need told so many stories it is unreal. I was told my broadband would go live on 29 January 2014, it did not, I was then told 6th February 2014. It did not, I was informed that my service had been committed but not executed. As of the 9th February 2014, I still have no broadband. Utterly useless.. I am so disappointed, I am now forced to go to BT for my telecommunications. I have now been told it due for review on the 11th February 2014. Guess what Plusney, my money is due for review today and will not be leaving my bank account until such time as you provide me with the services I have paid for.


I really can't understand complaints regarding PN's customer service. Whenever I've had problems and contacted PN by phone, without fail the help I've received has been first class. OK, sometimes I've had to wait a while but it's well worth waiting for. On more than one occasion the problem has been caused by my lack of understanding of how things work, but they have sorted things out for me with patience and kindness. The customer service is precisely why I stay with PN. Coupled with the expertise of forum members, I doubt there is such a wealth of help and advice anywhere else.

As regards introductory offers for new customers - every company does this in order to attract new customers. I've just received £100 for changing my bank account, I doubt very much that the bank's existing customers were rewarded with £100. First-time customers of online shopping retailers often receive a discount. Standard practise.

I recently receive a email informing me I have gone over the 10gb and will be charge a extra £5 since I have only gone over less than 2gb and the next period begins in less than 3days do you think this is penny pinching PS don't you think of warning me when I was getting near the 10gb limit Joan

I am a plusnet customer for past 6 months, disappointed that when I looked to see how much to upgrade to fibre (wasnt available 6 montgs ago but now can) was not able to get a discounted rate and then was going to be charged extra for the router. Very disappointed that as per all other providers once you are signed up they are not interested in providing good offers anymore.


@astrolamp - I'm sorry to hear you're still having problems. If you've a Fault Ticket reference to hand I can take from you, I'd be happy to take a look.

@Kevin Blee - I'm sorry to hear you feel that way. If there is anything we can help with, please do let us know.

@Lin Rand - Have you spoken to our Customer Options Team to see what we might be able to do for you to get the price of your broadband down?

@Simon - Thanks for your feedback!

@Adele - Thanks very much for your comments and feedback. We're continuing to work hard to get the call wait times down, I can assure you of that!

@Helen Farely - I'm sorry to hear of the issues you've had. I hope they have no been rectified, if they haven't it might be worth getting in touch with our House Moves Team. Unfortunately House Moves aren't as straight forward as we'd like, regardless of moving just down the street. If there is anything we can help with, please do let us know.

@Sadie - Thanks very much for your comments and for your feedback, I'll ensure this gets passed on.

@Joan Rothwell - I'm sorry to hear of this issue. If you think you would be better off on the Unlimited Package, we could certainly get that arranged for you. I wouldn't say we are penny pinching if you have exceeded your agreed monthly usage allowance. You do have the option to put a cap on the usage allowance and e-mails were sent to you when you hit 80% of your total monthly usage allowance.

@Nic - Fibre costs us more to provide which is why the price is more expensive I'm afraid. You will have been charged £5.99 for the postage and packaging for the router, the router is specifically for Fibre. If you want to see what we might be able to offer you regarding Fibre, you could give our Customer Options Team a call on 0800 432 0200.


I have been a loyal customer for many years now. I am due to renew my line rental so I contacted plus net to change to the new £2.99 unlimited deal. I was told this wasn't open to loyal customers, it was just to attract new customers. I feel very disappointed!!!


I have just noticed that the offers open to new customers to pay line rental up front are £131.88. I have just read my message, to pay my line rental up front, and it states £137.88. Even more disappointed!!!

WHAT EVER justin Taylor SAID:
is "100% true" stay away from this company
i had a very bad experience recently with one employee who refused to put me through to the manager when i asked her to do so!!!!
read her comments!!!what she says!!

Mr Bansal made comments regarding the waiting time, and our customer service, before insisting on speaking to a manager. I was advised that unless he was able to pass DPA on his own account, a manager would not speak to him


Hi there,

Did you speak with our Customer Options Team about this? I ask as it is correct that we don't make the same offers for existing and new customers but we always endeavor to get something as close as possible.



Hi Raj,

I'm sorry to hear you've had some difficulties with us. I would honestly have to agree that a manager won't be able to offer any different help than our agents can and unfortunately not being able to identify you as the account holder by passing DPA checks there's very little we'd be able to discuss.

If there are any issues you're still looking for help with feel free to send me a private message on via the community forums.



Hi! Adam,

If your Reply on Feb 13th at 3.06pm was for me, the customer service team offer to me was pay £9.99 to go unlimited. This would be an increase of £5.00 a month. This does not appear to be 'as close as possible' to the £2.99 offer new customers are getting.

Still disappointed!!!!


I have been with Plusnet for a year, I was told that I would be contacted by email when my year was nearly up but no contact has been made. I have also found they are now charging me £8.00 a month without so much as an email. I did have problems with the change from BT to start with. Have always had very slow speeds no more than 2mbps. May have to look into going back to BT, as new customer there will be given the new deals. Such a shame that we as existing customers can not be treated the same as new customers

Not sure about Plusnet. I think broadband providers should first put you on a 3month taster period. 2months into my 12month subscription and I've realised I was better off with my former provider in terms of speed for the same package type. Then you have no customer number to call to complain.. just some email that takes forever to get responded to..Never again.. cant wait


@pricec724 - You need to speak to the Customer Options Team to discuss a new deal. We'll do what we can to offer you the most competitive deal. Our Customer Options Team can be contacted on 0800 432 0200.

@Barbara - When your 12 month contract ends, you are more than welcome to call us to discuss your options moving forward. If you were in a 12/18/24 month contract, the discounts would only last for that long. I'd be more than happy to help with the speed issue you have, if you're having any issues.

@Cokey12 - There is very little difference in terms of speed between most providers if I'm honest. We do our best to provide the the best possible service, especially in the even that something does happen to go wrong, it's always nice to be able to speak to someone who knows what they're talking about :) The 3 month taster period is an interesting idea.

Thank you Chris, but since my last entry I have rung Plusnet and am happy that I am spending less now per month than I was when I first joined Plusnet, am on a 24 month contract but I have not had any problems with the service

Only wish I could leave Plusnet. Unfortunately,in my area, its only them or BT (basically one and the same).
We started on this 2.99 thing, and its now 21.99. Dreadful connections - and speed currently at 0.3mb (slower than dial up!)
Takes 72 hours (at least) to deal with any faults - my wife has nearly lost her job from home bacause of this. They'll bounce you off with "change your router" or "check internal wiring" before threatening a 60+ quid engineers visit (if your lucky enough to get one) - with further fees if they say the problem's not theirs. Worse still, go figure, they have no access to BT telephone exchanges - even though part of the same company!! If you live in a remote rural area, don't be tempted. Go for any other option as this one has become a joke


Hi Barbara, Can you send me a private message with your username so I can look into this and make sure we're providing you with the best possible offer.



Hi Cokey12,

Can you send me through a private message with your username so I can look into this for you?




Really sorry to hear about this. Please feel free to send me a private message with your username so I can look into this for you.



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