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Plusnet Appoints Andy Baker as New CEO

December 2nd, 2013 at 17:00 by Kelly Dorset

Andy BakerPlusnet has today announced the appointment of Andy Baker as its new CEO.

Andy will be based at the company’s Sheffield headquarters and will now take full responsibility for the commercial, operations and service performance.

Joining Plusnet from BT, Andy has for the last two years been the CEO for BT Wi-fi, managing five million hotspots in the UK, with locations ranging from residential properties through to significant, corporate sites such as Starbucks, Hilton Hotels and Barclays Bank.

Prior to this, Andy was the Commercial Director for TV and Gaming at BT having previously worked across a range of businesses including: Dixons Stores Group; a Virgin start-up company; The Post Office and the house builder, George Wimpey.

Andy Baker said of his arrival,

“Plusnet offers me a hugely exciting task in a very challenging market place. The company has been going from strength to strength in recent years and I am looking forward to growing its reputation even further.”

Andy, aged 41, takes over from Jamie Ford, who after three and a half years in charge, successfully steered Plusnet through an enormous period of growth. Under Jamie’s leadership, Plusnet has quadrupled its workforce, become a multi-site operation and gained five consecutive Which? recommendations for products and services. In the last year Plusnet has also grown its market share by 17.4%.

Jamie leaves to join BT Business as Managing Director of IT Services. Jamie Ford said of his departure:

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Plusnet and am proud of the achievements the company has made during my time here. Andy has an excellent reputation within the industry and a proven track record of taking very complex telecoms technology and creating and delivering these into simple solutions that customers really want. He is a huge asset to Plusnet and I wish him every success.”




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60 comments on "Plusnet Appoints Andy Baker as New CEO"

First thing you need to do is address the terrible customer service. How can you justify regular waiting times of up to 45 minutes even at 8 am Sunday morning.


Maybe plusnet should be able to use BT WiFi


And the second thing he should do is provide a decent router. I've spent hours changing channels, buying, attempting to connect 2 range extenders, hours on the phone,on the web and finally returning. The technicolor router is not good enough.


Welcome to Plusnet, Andy.

I've had no recent problems myself, but it seems obvious from many forum posts that Plusnet's reputation is often unfairly tarnished due to failings by other BT divisions - mainly Openreach.

Perhaps with your background you are well placed to knock some heads together.


Hi Andy Baker,

Welcome to Plusnet. As a gamer I look forward to see what you have to bring to the table. I would love to have a chat with you if that is a possibility, as I believe I'm one of the most dermanding gamers here and would like to help bring some competition with my expertees in gaming.

If you are interested in fine tuning a product for this target market, I would be more than happy to help.



Welcome to the wonderful world of PlusNet. I can't think of anything to say really about PlusNet that is bad; a customer for about ten years, and not a single problem to report! However, I wouldn't continue with the daft 'Sheffield' advertising and promotion. It's tacky, and a bit crap.

I need a range extender can anyone advise which is the best waiting times for tech support are terrible how can plusnet justify these times

I doubt that he, or anyone else bothers to read this but I suggest the first thing he does is address the abysmal "customer service". How is it possible to be told there is a 30 MINUTE waiting time? Call Plusnet as a potential customer and see the difference in waiting times.............. 26 seconds. Guess that when it comes to taking your money that is one thing - delivering after the money has been taken is something else.

Let's just hope he doesn't bring the shocking customer service, made up bills, impossible contracts and 'ignore the problems let's spend on friendly ad instead' ethic that BT carries. I like it as it is!

The most pathetic customer service I have come across. Wait for 1 hour in the IVR to speak to someone. Can you please give me Mr Bakers email address as I would like to make a formal complaint about the ongoing issues I have been having on my account.


Welcome to Us at Plusnet Mr. Baker. I'm a long-term customer and have found your Staff over the Years to be helpful, when I have had a problem and knowledgeable too. I agree that CS waiting times are not "as shown" and can be l o n g. So that's where I would start, for as the new customers mount so will waiting times frustrations. "All the best" for your future.

Dear Mr Baker, I have only been a customer of PlusNet for a few months on the recommendation of "Which" - what a con!!! We have been unable to make outgoing calls on our landline since 16.45 today. On trying to contact "Technical Support" I was told that the wait time to speak to someone was 60 minutes - YES 60 MINUTES!!! What a mistake I have made in getting involved with Plusnet. I thought Talk Talk was bad enough but at least you could speak to someone reasonably quickly to sort out the problem. As one of the previous comments stated, I do not expect that you will even bother to read my comments.


Welcome Andy! As a customer since the early Force9 days I'd say you have a hard act to follow.

Can I add my vote to that of John Lewis above? Please forget as quickly as you can BT's ideas of customer 'service' and inflated pricing for dismal performance. Many people here have run away from BT and don't relish being sucked back in again.

If you start by addressing the astonishingly poor telephone support service and stop buying new customers with those eye-wateringly embarrassing adverts for rock-bottom pricing you will win a few hearts.

Welcome Andy.

Got to totally agree with quelquod et al.

Think of existing customers as well as trying to tempt new customers with exceptionally cheap offers. You may find that existing customers soon become ex ones if they feel they are subsidising the offers.

I have only just joined Plusnet and already I think it should change its name to "MinusNet" for it is an expert in incompetece, the customer service is abysmal, the phone service is deplorable, the setting up of accounts is or seems almost impossible and customer dissatisfaction is ten out of ten.Expletives apply profusely here.They could not manage a piss up in a brewery.They would be good at selling ice cubes in the Artic if I tell you that my bank balance has been depleted with no recognisable signs that they are supplying me a service.No Taxation without representation is a cry for those who seek some form of democratic decision making that also involves them.Maybe they should take a leaf out of democracy's history and apply that principle to their business practices.If they do not do someting soon I will be leaving and banning them from helping themselves to the money in my account.

I hope he understands that plusnet rip off customers with additional broadband charges, plusnet essentals which I signed up to charge extra usage at £1/GB but without my knowledge they have put me on plusnet value which costs lump sums £5/5GB so over the last two months I have been ripped off for an extra £10. Of course calls to customer service waiting time 30 minutes,I gave up,ask jess what a joke, and answer to an email I am wrong.


@Helen, david, Colin, Rahul, atbs1, Sandra, quelqod

Sorry, we know the waiting times aren't good at the moment and we're recruiting heavily to get more people in. We've just opened a new support centre in Leeds to help get back on top.


The router might not be perfect for everyone, but we believe it gives a good balance between cost and performance.


Our products should already be suitable for gamers, gaming traffic is in the highest queues and we've been trying to help you with your gaming problems over on the forums.

@j rattigan

The additional usage charges on Value and Essentials are the same, so £5 per 5GB.

@Lord Muir of Glencoe

If you can give me a way of identifying your account, by ticket ID maybe, I'll get someone to take a look at what's happening.

To Chris Parr
£1/GB is not the same as £5/5GB, at the end of November my broadband usage stated that my usage was increased to 11GB and extra usage would be charged at £1/GB so my bill would have been £2 higher not £5 as I was charged. so I have been ripped off and I want my money back


@j rattigan

We don't offer £1 for 1GB, both Value and Essentials charge additional usage at £5 for 5GB. Can you let me know where this is stated otherwise and I'll take a look.

To Chris Parr
I Repeat my broadband usage page at the end of November stated that my allowance for November had increased to 11GB AND I would be charged extra usage at £1/GB. I signed up in 2008 before Value and if you check terms and conditions for Essentials you will see extra usage charged at £1/GB.

Good Morning !

As a very recent customer of Plusnet having been with BT for many years, I can say that the transition has been excellent ! My broadband went live on the given day & phone on the day (two weeks later as informed). I have been informed/communicated by email & text every step of the way. No issues with broadband speeds. Please keep up the excellent service.


@j Rattigan

You are on Value, not Essential(s). The additional usage cost for this is £5 for 5Gb as per

It sounds like a bug has caused the incorrect information to be displayed to you, apologies for this and in this instance I'm refunding the previous 2 x £5 charges back to you.

If you're hitting the usage allowance on a regular basis then it may be worth switching to our Unlimited service

I'm with @Nick T. I migrated to Plusnet FFTC in Sep 2013, I was able to speak to tech support re migration code, broadband and phone went live on the days specified, with excellent communication throughout. Performance is excellent. Would I recommend PlusNet to a friend? I already have.


As this is an article welcoming the arrival of your new Chief Exec, I think it would be appropriate for he himself to answer a few of these questions.... or at least give us a few words of his own, rather than those of Chris Parr.


God, another hour and 7 minutes of my life wasted listening to Robert Palmer and Human League and still unable to talk to anyone!!!! I wouldn't mind but I am calling from overseas to try and find out what the hell your latest email to me means. I must say, my impressions of Plusnet so far do not exactly fill me with confidence. As a new customer (yet to even receive a connection), when I hear that I have to wait 30 minutes or more to speak to someone it would tell me a couple of things - firstly you are incapable of providing an acceptable level of customer support and secondly, if your people are so busy "advising", you must be offering a sub standard service to start with.

As an aside, I just called again (after wasting the said one hour and 7 minutes above) and decided to go for the option of "yes, I want to be a new mug (sorry, customer)". I managed to speak to a real life human in less than 30 seconds.

Anyway, the reason I am attempting to speak to someone - You have taken my money now you want to charge me another 50 quid for something. Look up my question ref 78133826 and maybe try to spell out to me exactly what you want and how I am supposed to get whatever it is that you want. Send me an email from a proper, personal email account with a real contact persons name and I will give you my number so you can call me directly and run up your phone bill. If I do not hear anything within 24 hours I will assume you do not want my custom and will look forward to you refunding all the monies I have paid.

Finally, may I suggest that you please, stop wasting 45,000 per month in discounts - instead use the money to employ people in your service department. Finally, a short term suggestion - perhaps Handy Andy could spend some time helping out on the service desk?

been trying for over 1 hour to get through on the phone,its not good service i will be leaving,if they dont get there act together

I certainly agree that the support waiting times are a joke in this day and age, i will say no more on that as it has been said before many times. However, what is a wind up for me is the response to support requests. It seems that the support staff do not listen, (or read) to what is being said by the customer. The responses I have had do not answer anything, just giving an answer that does not have anything to do with the issue. Technical staff should be answering tickets, who will (read between the lines) ask for more info if they do not understand the questions, not all customers are technical. Having UK support does not make it good support!


I endorse all those who have said no 1 priority must be to fix the awful customer service. I am now 51 days from cut-over (as a new customer) and my phone service still does not have the features I ordered (and paid for). I suspect that the only reason the earlier, more serious, problem was solved was that I spotted the issue myself. I even wrote to the CEO, and all that did was produce a referral to the same ineffectual customer service people who had not responded to me before.

I wonder it Andy baker can solve my problem after six months because the people who say they are trying to carn't after hours on the phone they say they will sort it out I keep getting the same answer they will get back to me all they say is my question is still open .the problem ihave is
They a re not paying me full REFERALS some times I don't get any .very dissatisfied custome.


Do Plusnet have support? When you start taking the forum staff off to answer the phones rather than doing their own job it is a clear indication that you do not have enough staff. In addition, those of us paying for your "service" are left wait for days at a time for a simple answer to a simple question.

I could not recommend Plusnet, in fact I would advise anyone thinking of moving here not to bother.

"I could not recommend Plusnet, in fact I would advise anyone thinking of moving here not to bother."

sadly I would have to agree :(

I didn't become a high ranking gamer by listening to people tell me whats good, I worked it out for my self so no this isn't a good gaming service. It's not smooth and not all games like Plusnets traffic management systems or the peak time latency jitter (most of the day sunday).

Daily router restart, constant page reloading, buffering on bbci player or "insufficient bandwidth" error and just loading problems with webpages. This is all on a FTTC 74/20 fibre connection.

Thanks guys, great job.

what a joke i raised a ticket due to 4x 5pound increments being taken even tho` my limit is set at zero, no reply to my ticet for nearly 2 days and a message saying they are opening a base in Leeds [poor souls] so annoyed i wish i had used my mac code migration but was to busy


I hope plusnet dont turn out to be like BT ... Otherwise im off!



Unfortunately your current phone provider have placed a cease (cancellation) on the line. This means we can't take the line over unless that cancellation is stopped.

@len, SteveH, Chris Bunton, syates, chrisH

As per my replies earlier on, we know the waiting times are too long but there has been an improvement recently and we're still recruiting to fill our new support centre in Leeds.


We've been focussing on your gaming issues, however it sounds like your line has more fundamental problems that need addressing. We *really* want to get this fixed for you.


We're aware that referral values haven't been correct for some customers and our development team have been working to fix them. The fix is currently in testing and will then be allocated to a rollout window early in the new year.


@Chris Parr

I don't doubt that but 2 years, It's getting a bit old now and so am I!!! If you really cared then you would just let me go and not charge me over the moon. Ever contract upgrade has always been on done on the bases that things will improve.

ADSL to Fibre to unlimited Fibre (no p2p throttling) and now I know non of this has helped at all, it's too late I'm stuck in a 18month contract. I wonder why it's a 18 month contract, I should have seen this. I feel so stupid.


@Chris Parr. The lack of support is amongst the least of your worries. My statement to tell people not to bother is based an FAR more than just the appalling support.

@Blim. I feel a kindred spirit, Plusnet have been failing miserably to fix my service for 16 months, not quite your two years but heading there. By the way.. one of their gambits at "fixing" the problem was to offer me release from my contract with them ("take your problem somewhere else", in other words), so maybe you need to make a few more waves ;)

Mr Baker,
Unlike you, I have just switched back to BT from Plusnet.
Joining plusnet was an easy exercise and BT sorted out my closing account balance with no problems, keeping me informed at all times. But what a difference I am now experiencing, switching the other way! Frustrating, irritating, do not begin to describe how I am feeling about what should be a simple process.
Plusnet Customer Services (either 45 mins wait on the phone or raising a ticket) seem unable to fully liaise with other Depts or to see an issue through to conclusion. I am trying to arrange for an overpayment to be refunded to me by post or directly in to my bank account. I cancelled my Direct Debit because of continuing email demands (received one, today 16 Dec) for payment for Plusnet services into January 2014. I left Plusnet on 13 November! I would seriously suggest the left hand does not know what the right is doing.
As a “Which” subscriber, I feel, in my experience, they have their Plusnet rating of “recommended provider”, badly wrong.
Is there no-one at Plusnet who can sort out a simple problem swiftly and telephone me, or send a simple email (preferably one that can be replied to) explaining how and when the issue will be resolved.
George Luing

Congratulations !!!!!!!!!!! According to the resent polls, Plusnet do it yet again and are top of the league! I've been with Plusnet for a little over 3 years now, and happy to announce will be upgrading to fibre optic broadband knowing I'm in safe hands!

Absolutely pathetic service!!! cancelling first thing in the am.


I currently have a technical issue, which is a physical fault with my line. I waited about 40 minutes to get through. This is quite normal for budget operators in the UK and in France. At least it is a Freephone number. When I got through I was the number 1 priority for that support person and felt I was in safe hands. She called me back and stuck with me until everything was checked out.
The Openreach engineer arrived on time as promised (at a time of my choosing). I am now in Openreach's hands and am aware that PlusNet have limited control over that so am quite satisfied.
My guess is that the reason waiting times are so long is that there are too many numpties with silly little problems of their own making. My personal experience is that people are unable to carry out simple instructions and would be intrigued to see some of the stats relating to "Filters not fitted" and such-like.
The support people have a tough time, so to see them being slagged off when they're generally doing their best, by people who are paying relative peanuts for the service, just P***es me off.
If I lived in Leeds, I'd be on the phone right now for a job.


Hi George, really sorry about that. I've just ensured that your account will receive no further bills and also passed your ticket back to our billing team to make sure the outstanding payment amount is corrected for you. You should hear back regarding that tomorrow, if not later today.


Hi Mr Davis, I can see you've contacted our support team who've arranged a callback for you on Sunday afternoon, I hope this gets things sorted for you.

Plusnet Customer Services is absolutely useless, you have to wait up to fourty five minutes waiting time which is a disgrace in itself and while you waited you risk getting your eardrums damaged by very loud inappropriate music, heavy rock etc.
When you finally get through and speak to a operative you wondered why you bothered, they have no customer service skills and they are a clueless.
You have to phone again and after a long wait ask for the Technical Services Department, the staff there are extremely helpful and understanding.
Plusnet can't manage the business as it is, why would anyone consider further subscribing later to their new TV Services.
With reference to the new appointment to the Board of Directors, BT and Plusnet, Plusnet is a part of the BT Group, so doubt if the change will make any difference.
The Advertising slogan "WE WILL DO YOU PROUD", shows Plusnet have no shame and use fake advertising, they only do themselves proud, not the customer.
I had an email acknowledging my complaint with a promised reply, but just like all their promises they break them and don't really care about their customers. Also it is really complicated trying to send them a email to complain, i suspect this is deliberate due to HIGH LEVELS OF CUSTOMER DISSATISFACTION.

Hi I sincerely hope some attention is given to Plusnet Customer Services, waiting times for us to get in touch by phone - far too long. There is no other way to contact anyone either. No email option, which is a problem. Also there needs to be a Payment button on your website. I have been trying to pay my bill after overspending at Christmas and the direct debit didn't go through immediately (4 days late) I did not know that the only way to pay online is by repeating the direct debit which takes days. There is no immediate Payment option! I dreaded having to call again as the waiting time to get a response is far too long.


Lesley Gee


Last week was a nightmare. Hours spent listening awful music(?) and then hours listening to technical support saying the problem with my e-mail address is the fault of Apple. Apple then took over my iMac and made sure all my settings are correct and also did a full software check. They then said the problems were with Plusnet. On 13th December 2013 I logged a complaint with Plusnet and intimated I wanted to cancel my contract due to non-performance. Now, a week later, there has been no response. I have used Plusnet for about six years but now customer care seems non existent. There seems to be no customer interface with people who can take command of a problem and solve it. Requests for human contact to deal with a formal complaint are refused. How oon earth do the so called satisfaction ratings get invented?

Hi Matt Taylor,

Thanks for looking into my problems. So far the only further communication other than yours, is a further email demand (today, 21 Dec) for a payment of £24.06?? rather than the small refund I should be due. I will be so glad when this matter is satisfactorilly concluded.


George Luing

Welcome Mr Baker. Hope you can turn things round. Nice people at Plusnet but lousy 'service'.
After 52 messages from Plusnet and 4 months waiting my download speed is now 0.48 MBPS, upload 0.05.
My bill has just been increased from £7.99 to £14.99 with 3 days notice and no justification/information.
As others have said, trying to get service people on the phone is a laugh.
Sue Darling (#74067961)

Mr Baker,
I hope you will address the problem of very poor communications regarding technical problems and billing. Information is very difficult to access. 'Ask Jess' seems useless, Waiting times on the phone are excessive, 24hr waits for responses to emailed questions, apparent lack of concern about customer dissatisfaction e.g. when I said I had received better service from my previous ISP I was told that it was 'fine' if I wanted to change. This is very dissappointing as I have been with plusnet for many years. I am sure you will want to improve customer satisfaction.


Welcome Mr Baker - I hope you are going to get the PlusNet Referrals System fixed - it's been broken for over 3 months now so that customers do not receive their referrals discount. 3 MONTHS! That is crazy and meanwhile customers are being done out of money. And I wouldn't mind betting that a large percentage of your customers haven't even noticed their shortfall. I get a reply every month to my query saying it is being worked on and will be fixed. WHEN?

I am tired of seeing Chris Parr saying they know their customer service is poor - but if they can answer potential new customers within 1 minute, why is this not available to loyal old customers? And why, while they are recruiting new staff, do they not offer callback to the disgruntled people listed above.

And, yes, Please changethe irritating advertising, and the ghastly music on the waiting phone.

I find plusnet appalling im being charged double for a service i didnt ask for

the customer service is a disgrace ive been waiting 2 month nearly for a response

The standard of service has dropped to alarming low levels. You have good customer service people who are being starved of good support from management and customers are more and more frustrated. I have already advised Which of the drastic changes. Waiting times for customer serviuce over the last week have been as high as over 30 minutes and today 21 minutes.


Hi Karen, really sorry to hear that - if you could drop a post in to our community forums (linked at the top of the page) or raise a ticket to us at and let us know the ticket ID we'll be happy to take a look and get things sorted for you.

Lets hope Andy Baker can improve the customer services at PlusNet. Disgusting waiting in a queue for 1 hour and 40 mins. The staff say sorry but they do not mean it.
I suggest Andy Baker spend some time and read the reviews on the website from Plus Net Customers.
My contract up for renewal.
The Customer Service Advisers tell me they have not got the staff to answer the phone. Not my problem and I do not care.


The outrage is that Which UK? continue to mislead us members, and sucker public, by giving Plusnet Good Service Awards when clearly, with but a glance at these forums, they would know Plusnet have complete contempt for the customer and utterly appalling to zero service.

The only solution is for others to support me in banging away at Which? and ISPA to demand that they reconsider their awards and question who is responsible for granting them, and why!!


Hi, appreciate your depth of feeling there and sorry for whatever we've done to earn that. However please bear in mind that of course the majority of posts on forums are going to be negative - I hope you were able to read a few threads past the first post and make sure that our efforts to resolve these issues in public are acceptable?

Have just read the above comments and it makes me feel better that I'm not the only customer tearing their hair out in frustration. I had to ring support 3 times in one day last week trying to report my faulty phone line.Finally got through to first advisor who had to phone me back on my mobile. I was then cut off when they put me on hold and they never bothered to call me back. The exact same thing happened when I rang again. After third time of queue sitting I finally got a useful adviser. However, 5 days later my phone line is still faulty. Have phoned twice today and both times advisers have hung up on me because they are saying they can't hear me! Brilliant!! How on earth can you make contact with Plusnet support, they just don't want to know. Shameful customer service.

Ha ha ha - a human? Really??


Hi Elizabeth,

I'm really sorry to hear about that and apologies for the delayed reply to your comments. I've just tested your line and can't see any obvious problems.

Please feel free to send me a private message or reply back if there's any further issues and I'll look into that for you.



Hi there,

Please see my reply to your previous comment.


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