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Plusnet launches 0345 support number!

October 18th, 2011 at 10:06 by Bob Pullen


Back in August we replaced our 0845 support number with an 0800 freephone number that doesn't cost anything to call from UK landlines.

For a long time customers of our 'Talk' home phone service have been able to dial 0845 numbers to get in touch with us for free, this move however extended that benefit to those who are either tied to, or decide to use, another provider for the provision of their landline.

What it didn't provide though, was a means for you to call us for free using your mobile phone. We're pleased to announce that this too is now at thing of the past!

There are some mobile providers like Giffgaff * who allow you to call 0800 numbers for free. This is quite unusual though, with most providers choosing to charge hefty rates unless you make use of a service like 0800 Buster*

This is where our our new number comes into play - 0345 140 0200

0345 numbers are treated very similar to 01 and 02 geographic numbers and can be dialled from your mobile phone, with the time you've spent on the call being deducted from the inclusive minutes offered with your calling plan.

This is ideal in the event that you're either 'out and about', or have a problem with your voice service that prevents you from making outbound calls.

Of course, not everybody has a 'pay monthly' phone, nor does everybody have inclusive minutes at their disposal. These customers can still benefit from the new number though as even paid calls to '03'  numbers are cheaper than the 0800 equivalent when using a mobile.

If you do ever need to call us then don't forget that you can check out real-time call statistics over on our website!

* Giffgaff and 0800 Buster are in no way affiliated with Plusnet.


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20 comments on "Plusnet launches 0345 support number!"


And wouldn't have been an idea to quote the 0345 number in that post?


Just thinking that.

It's shown in 'Contact Us' 0345 140 0200.


oops! duly rectified, thanks for pointing the (slightly embarrassing) omission out!


Oh lovely...This happens right after I've wasted £2.45 because I had no other choice but to call plusnet from my mobile!!
Not exactly a large amount, but the timing couldn't have been worse!


Was bound to happen to someone Tom! How come you had to get in touch? Anything I can help with?


The phone line had to be reconnected in my new property, and I've had 2 no-shows (and counting) by Openreach engineers, Bob... (and they've booked 2 other appointments without even bothering to let Plusnet know!)
Cheers for the offer of help - Plusnet have been a fantastic help throughout, it's just a shame that you have to associate yourselves with Openreach!


Albeit somewhat out of our control - sorry about that! Is everything in hand now then?


Good news. As I am with giffgaff though the best news was a freephone number which doesn't come out of my inclusive minutes or credit :)


about time too! I blame the mobile phone people really for charging so much for 0800/0845.


Well done Plusnet - may of us have been asking for a 03 number for a long time.

It's great to have the freephone 0800 number for broadband issue s- but if our phone is down and we have to use cellphone then this shhould be a great help.



When will this become available to Madasafish customers?

Is Plusnet really that good? why is it such a big sunject? do you guys have to call Plusnet all the time on the phone? I am with Zen and have never once had to contact them! Sorry I tell a Lie I moved last year and call them on a standarg geographical number which was free on my mobile anyway - whats the reason for having to call up all the time?



Not sure of what plans are afoot for that, but you could always ring those number. You'll get through to staff that can help you.

Jojo :)


@MR Smith,

Customers will often call for help or to find out about a bill or call charges. There's many reasons people call us. Although, I suspect, like you there are many more who don't call us or simply use their online accounts or our help guides.

It's nice to know you can speak to someone free if you need them though.

Jojo :)

It's excellent to see PN have realised the importance of having a standard geographically charged contact number.

People will call a company for a variety of reasons, sometimes they are not comfortable with dealing with everything online. However I understand PN have a range of contact options.

As Reserved kindly asked, what is PN doing about changing MAAF's contact number? It's an 0844 number and if the calls are answered by the same staff who answer PN's calls then surely PN can just update MAAF's site with the new number?

It would make sense, and be better value to the customers of ALL of PN's associated brands!

Kind Regards,


@CJ, as a MAAF customer you should be able to call the 0800/0345 numbers and speak to somebody who can help.

My Out of hrs Callout Service number is 03000247247 am I able to use this as a free number on my free calls at night after 7pm please. Rebecca

I am a signed in Plussnet club member and to me this personal as If you checked you would have seen I am with Plusnet and it is NOT A SPAM. What kind of person do you think that I am.Rebecca


Rebecca, the whole point of moderation is that we do check! It's nothing personal. Regarding the 0300 number, you should have no problems using this as part of your inclusive minutes.

Thank you Bob Pullen for the confrirmation regarding the abov number.I have only been with plusnet four months and glad that I did.they are a good team and can I just say If I sounded rude to you I did not mean to be as I am not usualy that way, Rebecca


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