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Router setup - the easy way.

August 6th, 2009 at 14:20 by Chris Parr

tr69_blog_image1Have you ever needed to set up a router for a friend or neighbour? Maybe you’re one of those people who find the whole prospect of configuring a new piece of equipment daunting? I’m happy to say that there’s now a solution to this problem. Over recent weeks we've been trialling routers which are easier to set up, all you need to do is plug them into your PC, the power socket, and the phone line and the router does all the rest for you.

Sounds too good to be true? Well it isn’t! From today it becomes a reality.

The technology behind how we manage these new routers goes by the name of TR069

Let's go through what should happen from the moment a hardware order is placed with us.
A 'component' is added to your account on our systems. This contains the router model, order number and delivery address. This order will be sent along with any other hardware orders received that day as part of a batch.

After the warehouse has received this order, they'll prepare the router to be dispatched. This now includes scanning the serial number and sending it back to us. We then record this serial number on your hardware component and also in the ACS (Auto Configuration Server).

The router is then sent to you, and once you've plugged it all in and it's picked up the ADSL signal, it will authenticate on a generic username. This then connects to our ACS (Auto Configuration Server) which tells the router what username and password it needs to connect on your service. This information is pushed back to the router and it's forced to disconnect from using the generic username and reconnect using your specific details.

That's it all done. You should be online and able to browse.

But wait, there’s more!

Previously if you had changed your password via our website, it would mean you'd have to log back in to the router and manually update the password in there. This can be time consuming, especially if you have to look up the address and username/password for the router setup pages. Now this is changed automatically, once you've updated your password on our website, this information is passed back to the router (normally within a couple of minutes) and you continue to browse without problems.

We're looking forward to this being launched and we hope you are too.

This will only apply to customers who have ordered hardware since Thursday 6th August.

If you've got any questions, drop a comment below and we'll get back to you.


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16 comments on "Router setup - the easy way."


Will this "feature" be used to lock routers supplied by Plusnet so that only the Plusnet realm can be used?
Will the administrative user/password be left as the default?


The routers are exactly the same as those we currently send out, except with a different firmware.
They won't be locked to Plusnet and the admin username/password will be the same as it currently is.


How secure is all this?

Sorry but I'm not sure I'm 100% happy with the idea of this (really from a privacy point of view more than anything)

Yes, it's a good idea for those who might struggle to set routers up but it seems your taking a bit too much control over users hardware.

If you can change passwords and usernames on the routers remotely, what else are you capable of? Traffic managing, setting restrictions, Wifi passwords etc etc. What if this info gets in the wrong hands? OK, PN probably wouldn't do this but if PN can remotely access routers what's to stop someone else doing it? Especially when all the routers ship with the same default admin username/password.

I use a DG834N which does have the option of remote access (which I always have disabled!!!) and the first thing I did when I set it up was change the admin log-in details.

Setting the users username and password on the router before it leaves the PN warehouse would be a much better idea.


This is different to the remote access that you see on your DG834N, the connection is secured to our ACS server. The access to the ACS is locked down so very few people can access it, and then they have to be on the correct internal network and know the username/password to login.

The admin username/password has absolutely nothing to do with the TR69 functionality and can still be changed individually if required.


It's also worth pointing out that there's no element of PN controlling the router here - rather, the router is simply 'phoning home' one time when it's initially set up and that's it. Once the router's acquired its new connection details then obviously it'll cease to use the 'phone home' ones as it can only maintain one connection at a time.

[...] been happy as we’ve now launched our easier to setup hardware, this should help reduce the number of router setup calls coming into the CSC and ensure that we [...]


I forgot to mention in my previous response, you can also turn off thr TR69 functionality via your member centre controls.


Not sure I like the sound of it all to be honest. Sky do this don't they and their routers do not allow you to login and change settings like port forwarding etc. In essence they've created a 'surf only' ISP.

Is this the route you're taking too?


Yes, worked immediately. Truly wonderful. Thank you Plusnet-------


Glad to hear it Graham! :)


I havent recieved my router yet so haven to go online to see my account up n runnin n onli way can go to it is thru my sons laptop n hes not happy lol


I agree on plug'n'play modem speed and ease of use.
I've been with different ISP's and all I did with modem was plug it into my 64bit machine,Win7, a Dell with 4Gb mem and no hassle from it!
(About time, considering my previous ISP did not even support Windows 7! let alone a 64bit machine...they did without realising it. I had to peak into directories and behold! nestled away I found a 64 directory; a quick stab with Install, I was away!! And they still say they haven't a 64bit driver??)
I won't mention their name but their manners of addressing customer issues were crap - to use a Yorkshire word - they have still to use my correct address, and even my name creates problems.)
I'm not bragging about Plus Net but after a shake, they've stirred and I have a cracking service - I hope!


joined plusnet after reading all the bumf of how easy it would be what a joke tried to keep my own router(big mistake)when I was activated I could not get the router to work rang plus net 40 mins passed no answer gave up 2 days later tried again 20 mins gave up decided to ring during the night got through to a totally useless adviser that told me to obtail a ethernet cable to reset my router I spoke to a friend who said he could do it without -4minutes and eight days sfter activation i was on line 4 minutes my friend 8 days plusnet customer service


Hi Keith,

If you choose to use our hardware then it configures itself without you having to do anything.

I'm not sure what relevance your problems have to this article though if you're using your own router?

If you do ever need to call us, you can check the waiting times in near real time on our website.

What was the problem in the end?

Well, I have to say, this is complete crap. I've just got my router from Plusnet after months of trouble from Sky and BT (worst of the lot) and it's having none of it.

It's plugged in, it's fired up, and it will not, at any price, accept the password on the back of the router or on the sticker (same number).
Yep, I've tried caps, yep, I've tried lower case, yep, still same problem. In fact, Plusnet are turning out to be just a big a heap of crap as BT.

My emails take a week to be acknowledged and a further week to be answered and this just is not good enough. Have you ever tried emailing them? No direct email, no reply to their support desk. Just horrible, horrible horrible and I'm seriously losing patience with them.

I've given them one more week to sort and after that I'm cancelling my contract. Oh, one more thing, my phone will not allow me to cal out! Crap, crap, crap.


Hi Andy Pacino,

I've done some checking and it seems the router was upgraded on the 16th Feb, is everything ok now?

Jojo :)


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