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Super-fast Plusnet Fibre gets even faster

Super-fast Plusnet Fibre gets even faster

Super-fast Plusnet Fibre gets even faster


A special thanks

Plusnet Extra Fibre replaces the older 'up to 38Mbps' Extra Fibre product and is available to both new and existing customers right now. The launch of the product also marks the end of our 80/20 service trials that have been running since January. Almost 700 customers took part in the trial and we'd like to thank you all for the valuable feedback you've provided over recent months. Here's what some of you had to say about the service:

"So far so good, I'm very impressed with the connection speed. I probably do download a little bit more as I know it takes a fraction of the time than it used to. In Youtube I just go for the HD video's now as there is very little or no buffering." "Love it to bits!" "It has been a pleasure being on the trial, and can say that I have benefited from it when downloading ISO's or paid for Games." "It has, so far, improved my fibre speed considerably, and has proved to be very reliable." "It's been a better product than the 40/2 fibre that I was on before as it seems more responsive" "80/20 fibre has been very reliable and consistently fast during the trial. Since using 80/20 my activity has increased, mainly streaming video" "Fabulous!"

Up, up and away

One recurring piece of feedback we've received since launching our fibre products is the desire for higher upload speeds. More and more people are uploading photos and videos to the Internet and using online back-up and storage solutions like iCloud and Google Drive, which makes upload speed more important than ever. Our new Extra Fibre product offers upload speeds 'up to 19.5Mbps' dependent on your location and line conditions. With speeds like that, waiting an age to upload snaps to Facebook or that funny video of your pet to YouTube becomes a thing of the past. The good news doesn't stop there though because we're also planning to increase all existing Fibre customers upload speed from 'up to 1.9Mbps' to 'up to 9.5Mbps' over the next few months - for free.

More usage

Another piece of feedback we often receive concerns usage allowances so you'll also be pleased to hear that the new Plusnet Extra Fibre also comes with a significantly healthier 250GB peak-time usage allowance. Usage outside of our peak-time period continues to be completely unmetered.

But what about ..?

We're sure that both prospective and existing Plusnet Fibre customers alike will have plenty of questions about the new Plusnet Extra Fibre product so we've prepared a handy guide about how fibre optic broadband works that we hope answers any queries you might have.


Thinking about switching to fibre? Perhaps you've already made the plunge and would like to share your experiences? How are you going to make the most out of the faster upload speed? Get in touch by leaving a comment below ...  

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