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End of contract

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End of contract

I am on the trial and out of contract soon (Unlimited Fibre (Without Phone))- I think 11th April but can't find anything to confirm this.  I am currently paying £15.49, which includes a £5 discount and the no phone line premium.    On the offers and upgrade page I am told that my out of contract price is £20.49.

On my dashboard when I log in, I am offered to renew my contract at £28.99, but this includes line rental.  I presume this is actually FTTC, but is it possible to go onto this deal on FTTP with the line rental taken off, and the charge for having no phone line added?

Are there any other options available to me?   I would be happy to sign up for a new contract, but am I better off just continuing out of contract or could this cause problems in the future?

I know there have been other threads on a similar theme, but couldn't find anything with a definitive answer - and I am sure I am more likely to get on here than contacting customer services.

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Re: End of contract


Thanks for your post @wncfc

Sorry for the confusion with this. Sad There’s been a relatively recent decision not to re-contract FTTP customers as it causes complications in our systems. It also brings us in line with the trial terms and conditions where it advises there’s no minimum term on the trial unless a contract is carried across from beforehand. 

When your discount ends you’ll be paying the out of contract price for the package you’re on. If that’s Unlimited Fibre (Without Phone) as you’ve said, it’d be £20.49 per month. 

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