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Price rises.

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Price rises.

Been with Plusnet for 7 months now, cost started at £20, then went to £21 last month and finally this month at £22.44.  Is it going to go up every month now?  Can I cancel and get a new deal through USwitch?  I feel Plusnet have been a bit sneaky with this.  I can go to USwitch now and get a £20 deal if I weren't already a Plusnet customer.


Any thoughts?



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Re: Price rises.

Without knowing what the increase/change was due to, it is rather difficult to advise whether your charges will do in the future.

Without giving any personal information, is it possible to tell us which elements of your bill changed over the last three months?

If you tried to cancel now, you would incur cancellation charges (which are detailed on your account), and I think if you went that route, you would be unable to claim to be a 'new' customer - as with most utilities 'new customer' deals, you will probably find that you can't get these deals unless you have been away for 6/12 months.

As to the 'sneaky' bit, I'm not commenting until the information mentioned in paragraph two above is available.

Welcome to the forums, btw.

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Re: Price rises.


A warm welcome to the forums.  There was a well signposted increase of £1 pcm for the service line rental which had a clearly advised option to exit the contract without ETCs being applied.

As for the rest, do the charges relate to phone calls made on the line?  If you do not make phone calls, then go check your itemised phone bill to see if there area any 'stray' calls logged.  If you do make calls, are they against a call plan?  Did the price of your call plan go up?  Have you had any call exceed the "free" time limit?

Superusers are not staff, but they do have a direct line of communication into the business in order to raise issues, concerns and feedback from the community.