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Only getting 45Mb/s down

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Only getting 45Mb/s down

Althouh the BTw speedtest says my ip profile is almost 65Mb/s, the most I can measure on Tthinkbroadband and on this site: is 45Mb/s

The details given on the NDT site were:
Your system: Windows Vista version 6.0
Java version: 1.7.0_17 (x86)
TCP receive window: 223200 current, 262080 maximum
7.9743E-5 packets lost during test
Round trip time: 19 msec (minimum), 60 msec (maximum), 43.07 msec (average)
Jitter: 41 msec
0 seconds spend waiting following a timeout
TCP time-out counter: 228
202 selective acknowledgement packets received
No duplex mismatch condition was detected.
The test did not detect a cable fault.
No network congestion was detected.
No network address translation appliance was detected.
0.1153% of the time was not spent in a receiver limited or sender limited state.
88.09% of the time the connection is limited by the client machine's receive buffer.
Optimal receive buffer: 268369920 bytes
0 duplicate ACKs set
No congestion or cable faults found, so is there some other factor which would need investigation?
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Re: Only getting 45Mb/s down

Are you using wired ethernet or wireless ?
Wireless will often give you a far lower result with increased latency.