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Broadband very slow

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Broadband very slow

We've been having problems for over a week with our broadband. Last week the connection kept dropping and we had to keep restarting our router. And then since Friday the connection is very slow, web pages take a long time to load, can't watch videos on iPlayer. We have tried resetting the router, using the test socket, checked for dial tone. Any idea what is wrong with it?
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Re: Broadband very slow

Have you followed the ADSL - speed faults sticky at the top of this board?

Sight of your routers data as requested in that thread would help someone to help you - maybe.

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Re: Broadband very slow

Hi PenguinM and welcome to the Community Forum.

I have checked your connection and can see the it has been banded between 160K - 288K as opposed to the 6.6Mbps or so you'd usually get. It looks like the automated system that manages the line has banded the speeds as a result of bumping up the signal strength so high to try and get around the drops that have previously been happening:


I have then placed an order to put both your signal strength and speed back to where it should be and this should complete in a hours time at most. In a hours time or longer if you turn your router off and then back on your should notice the speeds come back to normal.

This doesn't however resolve the drops you have been seeing on your side and if you notice the drops continue after the router restart I'd recommend we do some troubleshooting to determine what's causing them.

The tests I've ran aren't showing any problems with the connection outside the property so my first instinct would be to plug your connection into the test socket and see if the drops stop.
Here is a guide on how to do so:

If you drops do still continue and you go down this route let us know how you get on.

Kind regards,