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Auto setup

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Auto setup


I just came over to my grandparents house and was wondering why the internet was being spotty. I performed a reset of the router that was given to them by plusnet ( Thomson TG585 v8 ) and jumped onto the internet page in order to check if I needed to perform any setup. Fastforward 15 mins, after i'd assume the auto setup completion the internet is not working. 


Checked the username that was input in the internet settings, came up with a Could not find the original letter that was provided to get a username/password so I'm stumped. Is there any way I can get those details to manually set up the router?



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Re: Auto setup

Set the Broadband Username as "account-user-name" and the Broadband Password to the same as the account password (without the quotes)

(The TG585 was before my time with PlusNet so not sure if it auto configures or not)


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Re: Auto setup

The TG585 is getting a bit long in the tooth, but should auto configure on the TR069 server .

If I were you i'd request a new router from Plus Net.

Sometimes routers just do not auto configure.

As the prevous poster says, you need to enter "" and the password of the account holder. If these are unknown then the account holder will have to ask Customer support for help! 

 Good luck !



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Re: Auto setup

Hi @azim_mazumder and thanks for getting in touch.


I'm sorry to hear that your grandparents were having issues with getting connected to the internet.


Could you please confirm whether this is still the case?