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wireless laptop problems


wireless laptop problems

Just got a new sony laptop.. brilliant.

One problem:- when on wireless LAN at home it can suddenly stop acessing webpages, especially ones such as forums, and download sites, for no reason, even though signal strength is still excellent. If I switch tab to access other sites such as BBC, speed is no problem. I had exactly the same problem with a Rock pegasus laptop, but not with an old Time laptop with external radio card. No problem when any of these are plugged in directly.

I don't know whether it is a newtwork setting, laptop setting, fault, etc., but suspect it is not the laptop as two perfectly good machines have the same problem ( the Rock works fine with wireless LAN at work).

Please keep it simple



wireless laptop problems

You dont say what O/S your running or much detail about the laptops etc.
It could be several thing.

1 The cpu going to 100% and causing the problem check taskmanger when it happens.

2 The network could be overloaded check taskmanger again.

3 Interfirance from another source like a phone.

4 Spyware/virus check for these.

5 Somthing updating and flooding the network

6 DNS Caching the O/S have cached bad dns and reports an error so you loose the pages.

If you give us more details we may be able to help try to take any readings when the problem is happening

wireless laptop problems


Sony is XP home SP2
Rock is XP Pro SP2

CPU nowhere near 100%

I'm sure there is no virus or spyware - have double checked.

I'll check things like phones -but no problem with external card on old laptop

I don't hink it is anything updating or flooding network, but will double check.

Can you explain point 6 and what I look for?

wireless laptop problems

Point 6 if you look at

It gives you all the details and supplys the fix.

I would get whats transfering from

Its free and if you run it you can see all your outgoing connection and this may give you a clue of whats going on. It will show every connection and you can view its content so if you have spyware or simlier you will see it. It will also show if the network is being flooded.

You could also download netstumbler from

This will show you any other networks which may be close and could cause the problem

wireless laptop problems

Still trying to sort it out. Thanks for the suggestions.

Ive downloaded "what is transfering".

Although I don't really understand it, if I'm connected by cable I see a lot of info,and can see what other users in the house are doing etc. .

When on wireless the report is completely blank, even when the connection is working really well such as now. 20 minutes ago it wouln't work at all,even though the connection signal was excellent.


wireless laptop problems

What hardware are you using to connect to the internet ?
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wireless laptop problems

One thing to look at on laptops (tho it sounds like it may not be the problem here) is to go into the Device manager (right click on My computer ->properties>harware tab->device manager) and check the advanced properties of your wireless card. There is a spower output setting which is often set to something very low as a default by the manufacturer and you may need to set it higher get a better QOS

wireless laptop problems

Thanks for suggestions so far.

Symali, I've had a look at what you said and have overrideen the auto function. This has certainly made a difference, but on past experience I'll wait a few days before I say it is sorted. It's the first time I have been able to browse this forum without problems so far!

I'll keep you informed. Smiley

wireless laptop problems

NO problems since my last post. Sorted.

Thanks for advice.