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which router?

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Registered: 14-09-2007

which router?

I'm new to broadband but am thinking of getting myself a wireless router. Which routers do users of broadband recomend? Or maybe a better question would be which routers should I definately avoid.

I know that sell a "bt voyager 2100" for about 80 quid. I may opt for this if I have to, but I've seen cheaper options such as lynksis for about 40 quid, and even cheaper still on ebay.

Thanks for your help

which router?

Hi there,

I will always choose and recommend Netgear. Stable, reliable and well priced.

You wont go far wrong with these.

More info here

which router?

Netgear is a good solid brand. Other ones to look out for are Linksys, Belkin and D-Link.

I have a Belkin box and have been very pleased with it.
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which router?

the netgear DG834GT are very good but they have also released a Mimo box now with better wireless ranges

try here

they will help you