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service is active yet cant connect.....


service is active yet cant connect.....

Hi iv recently signed up with plusnet (just come from the awful virgin media) my account says it got activated yesterday yet im still unable to connect to the internet.

im using a belkin wireless router with these settings:

ip assigned by isp
0, 38
mtu - 1454

i just cant connect! on my router it has that the phone signal is good (ie static light) but no net. could it be that my line just hasnt been activated yet? tried ringing but never got through.
any help would be cool, normally this stuff is easy as for me, so im sure im not doing anything wrong.
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service is active yet cant connect.....

Hi and welcome

When you say you have no net do you mean you dont have a solid adsl light if so then no its probably not yet activated but assuming it is have you set up the wirless connection on the computer side yet with SSID - password and whatever security your using be it wep or hopefully wpa

Can you ping your router from the command prompt

And im assuming from what youve said that you can login to your router what does it tell you under line stats

service is active yet cant connect.....

iv got a solid light on the router
as for wireless settings to enable it on my pc thats all fine, but i currently have it connected by ethernet cable to the router so that shouldnt matter atm.

whenever i go to connect in the router settings it does it thing like usual then comes make as no connection.

this is really annoying!

service is active yet cant connect.....

heres a pic of my settings on my router and also what my pc is picking up. as you can see my pc is connected fine to the router (not that it matters atm becuase of ethernet) but the router has no internet signal.

Linky to picture

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service is active yet cant connect.....

Sometimes there is a bit of a delay in your account being activated.

Its created as inactive from a billing POV, and once you connect for the first time, it becomes active, and your billing cycle commences.

The activation process can happen one of three ways from what I recall.

  • Either BT tell PN you are good to go, and they activate your account automatically.
  • Or the RADIUS servers detect you trying to connect (if this happens before PN get the message through the BT systems) and activate your account.
  • Or somebody at PN's end presses a big green (I don't think its actually green) button to manually activate your account.
Hopefully one of the three will happen soon!

Have you tried raising a ticket via the Help and Support system detailing the issue? (It will likely get picked up in here eventually, but its not neccesarily the fastest way, it depends on who's working and what other demands on their time they have)

Oh, welcome to the forums though! Always good to see new faces.

service is active yet cant connect.....

ok so i should just wait then?

i have raised the issue with help and support - they checked the line (although im sure it was an automated system) and said it was fine, thing is the line maybe fine but i have this feeling that no one at PN's end has pressed the big green button to turn my internet on. lol

on the broadband tracker is does say that its already and my broadband is ready to go thoHuh

but then im 130% sure this is not a problem at my end. when i was with virgin (who pretty much use the same settings) i had it up and running in 10 seconds. and iv done exactly the same with PN to no avail.

service is active yet cant connect.....

I did a migration for a customer and got the same problem just call the help line and they pressed the big green switch and 10 mins later we were up and running.

Give support a call

service is active yet cant connect.....

well iv tried ringing them up 10 times now but when your on the phone for 20minutes and still cant get through that in my opinion is unacceptable. especially when this is obviously something they should of done when they said my account was activated.
so basically this website is the only help im receiving, iv raised a ticket they gave me to test user ids - neither worked which obviously means PN need to sort out my net and press the green button!
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service is active yet cant connect.....

Not sure when you got the 20 minute wait time as call queues are very rarely that high these days.

Anyway, your account is showing as fully active at our end and I can see you've raised a fault. The test logins we gave you connect you to BT test logins, so if they don't work either then that rules out our network as being the case.

Your ticket is with our faults team currently to raise a fault through to BT for you.

Incidentally, have you tried connecting to your previous ISP? Does that work?

service is active yet cant connect.....

my previous isp was disconnected 15-20 days ago so i know that doesnt work.
it couldnt be that virgin media are some how still hogging the lineHuh (but then if youv done the line checks it couldnt be that i guess)
also how do i find out what phone number PN are actually connecting to?
This is very annoying to say the least.