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monitoring tools


monitoring tools


Like many others around here, I've been suffering intermittent connectivity.

As is the case with ADSL wireless broadband, there are many moving parts and loads of potential sources of the problem.

I have a DLink modem, and a separate D-link wireless router and 3 WinXP (SP1) PCs (2 wired, one wireless).

I know for a fact that sometimes my wireless router fails (cos it just need a reboot), but on other occasions its the modem (which needs a whole reset to factory settings and reconfiguration).

I was just wondering if there is any decent tool that can be set up to monitor the whole thing? If so, it might help to spot which part of the jigsaw is falling down, rather than the haphazard guesswork and trial-and-error I am used to doing!

Any ideas on some nifty freeware thingy?! Cheesy

Monitoring tools

I was also suffering problems with intermittent connectivity until I changed the channel my router was using.

If you have a neighbour who also has wireless using the same channel (most as far as I know default to 6), you can get interference.

My neighbour could be seen from my available networks scan, so after changing to channel 4 (not to watch Big Brother) I have had a constant connection.

Hope this helps.
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monitoring tools

Expansys have some great D-link forums, take a look on;

Some of the D-link routers suffer a problem with Proxy DNS, which cause them to lock up.
Also it is worth checking for firmware updates on the D-link site.