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linux with voyager 2110


linux with voyager 2110

Has anyone successfully configured linux to use the BT voyager 2110 ?
I am dual booting Suse 9.2 and Windows XP at the moment. Windows ok, but would apreciate some help with Suse if poss. I'm not very experienced with linux.

Thanks. Brian :?
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linux with voyager 2110

Is your networking working under SuSe?

Also are you trying to connect to the Voyager via wireless, if so I would suggest starting with a wired link. To get the network set up then try moving back to wireless.

Are you able to login to the Voyagers web administration page using its IP address, that would be a starting point.


voyager 2110 and linux

Thanks for the tip chilly. A cable was supplied with the modem. I will try hard wiring first.
Thanks, Brian