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complete wireless noob desperate for help.


complete wireless noob desperate for help.

Hi Julian,

I think you were right all along. You don't need anything other than your new Wireless/Router and a Wireless PCI card in your PC. Get rid of your old USB Modem.

There's some good diagrams here


complete wireless noob desperate for help.

ok guys here is my pradicament. Tongue

although i am a very competant pc person, i can nt say the same when it comes to anything network.

and now we have just come by a secound pc, i now obviously want to jump on the network wagon,

now i have also been given as a gift the following hardware.....

now as a noob i have absolute no idea were to start.

let me start though by saying what i thought i had to do.

currently on a adsl usb modem (with only 1 cable connection to my phone line then to pc), all working normal.

now my thoughts were, this,
the hardware ive come by, was to take the place of my current adsl modem, and i just put a wireless pci card ( that came with hardware as a free gift) in the 2nd pc, and start to set up.

but ive found out today i think i maybe totally off the mark here, i raised a ticket hopeing they would shed some light for me, they say i need a totally new seperate adsl modem (one that has extra connectors,that would connect to this wireless router i now have).

so really just to get things off and running, i plan to have my first attempt at this in the next few days, so really all i need as of now,is somebody to take a quick look at the link above, and indeed tell me what i do or do not need to get going.

(i am guessing ill be back later for the actuall connection problems Cheesy )
but for now guys, really do need things clarifiying for me.

much apricated for any help.

complete wireless noob desperate for help.

I dont think this router has a built in ADSL modem so it needs an external modem.

I quote from there text "iNEXQ ISW050t provides a 10/100 Mbps Ethernet WAN port as well as Network Address Translation (NAT) function, which provides the ability to share a DSL or Cable Modem through either its four Ethernet ports or via its integrated wireless access point"

Therefor its a 4 port router with a built in firewall (no modem)

What you need to do is if you have a network card in your current machine then connetc that to one of the ports on the router and plug the ADSL card in the other PC.

Now all you have to do is configure your ADSL connections and away ya go. What happeds is the 2nd PC is wireless via the router and your main ADSL pc is whete the internet connection is being used.

Great aint it.


If the router had a built in modem as well then you could of thrown away your USB one and used this as your internet connection as well.

If I find any details on configuring, i'll post back.


You could buy a ADSL modem with RJ45 connection (not USB) and then do:

Modem > to Router > Router to >pc1 and, pc2 via wireless network cards and away ya go.


complete wireless noob desperate for help.

I would recommend the NETGEAR DG834GT

I use the DG834 (non wireless) and it works a dream!
The DG834GT is just the original plus wireless.

This is a wireless router with built-in modem, sounds like what you're after