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can see my router but not internet


can see my router but not internet

I have read the previous topic on this but still doesnt solve my problem.

My internet switched off completely and after several attempts i reset my modem and got internet back on. I can connect using a cable directly connected but none of my wireless computers will see the internet, but they do see the router.

Im using a linksys wag 54gs

Encapsulation rfc 2364 pppoa
Multiplexing vc

local ip address and subnet mask set to standard config aswell as static dns.

Not sure about wins

I have done this loads of times but its not working this time. :?:

can see my router but not internet

The most likely fault is you havent got the default gatway set on the laptops, set the default gateway to the ip of the router.

Have you had any ms updates as this could be the problem as well

I have had a lot of users who have just had a MS update and then found
their internet connection has gone. Symptoms are if you dial in on a broad band modem
you get bad username or password. You may then connect after several attempts

You cant then get any web pages you can ping a ip but not a name
and the ping has strange characters after it.

I havent been able to work out which update has done this yet its at the same time as IE7

These 2 files will fix the problem I would suggest you download them
now before you find you have the problem as if you have it you wont be
able to get back on the net.

no connection

Thanks for the reply. The solutions have not worked. i have downloaded both patches with no effect.

A couple of months ago i lost complete connection for 3 weeks and then it just came back by itself.

I week ago i was cut off for 4 days. I repeatedly rebooted the modem untill it switched back on.

I have 5 computers connected wirelesslly for over 3 years now with no problems.

It keeps telling me that it has limited connectivity on each machine. Each computer is set to its own ip address with the default gateway pointing to the modem ,each computer is set up with iths own ip at etc, each computer going up by 1 in value.
dhcp is set to ON, maximum users 50 and client lease time 0( one day) - not sure what dhcp relay does?

ddns is disabled, both nat and rip are enabled, wireless network is set at mixed set to all allowed to connect.

None of these machines have been updated to ie7, or any other software changes.

I also purchased a brand new belkin adsl modem but no matter how i configure it, it wont see the internet via cable or wireless. The settings on this modem just wont allow me to connect. When i revert back to the linksys i can atleast connect using direct cable.

can see my router but not internet

Make sure each pc has a fixed ip and that the subnet is the same as the routers. Set the default gateway to the router. Set the dns to
turn off dhcp on the router reboot everything and try again
take a look at these pages which may help

If it still doesnt work post a ipconfig /all for one of the pc's and do a tracert and then a ping and post the results.
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Linksys Router

If you call Linksys on their free phone number they will talk you through your settings , they are very helpful the number is 08000261418 or you can email them on . .