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best range wireless router ?


best range wireless router ?

I have a NG834 v2, the wireless range seems pretty useless- same rome only.

I have just moved to a bungalow and now need something that will work across some 30 metres and through about 6 walls. What card and router should I buy ?

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best range wireless router ?

I must say that if it covers the whole of Rome, I am impressed, does that including Vatican City? Smiley

Depending on the construction of your internal walls you will be lucky to cover that area from a single access point. Bungalows tend to be well built with either brick or block internal walls.

The “Pre-N” equipment tends to offer the greatest range; a good google search should show up the equipment that is best, look for magazine articles and reviews.

A trick may be to fit the access point (or router), at top of the ridge inside the roof space, as the plaster board ceiling will provide less attenuation to the radio signals.

Another option is to look for replacement high gain aerials, but these tend to cost as much as additional access points. If you fancy home made then google to reveal the secretes of “long range wifi”


best range wireless router ?

I had a similar problem but with only four walls. I ducked the issue by putting a wire round the outside of the bungalow. I have a Speedtouch 716WL connected to the internet at one end of the bungalow and a Linksys WAG354G at the other, the two being connected with an external wire.

The Speedtouch did make the distance but was inadequate for its intended use (music transmission) although it was ok for internet surfing.

Have you considered the HomePlug option over the mains wiring? Review on adslguide here: