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Zoom X3 bridging to D-Link 4300


Zoom X3 bridging to D-Link 4300

Hi All,

I was wondering if anybody has a similiar setup to mine and can advise me on the best way to proceed.

I have moved house and in doing so decided to upgrade to wireless. I play a lot of games so I opted for the D-Link DGL 4300 gaming router (the prioritising aspect is great). I discovered though that as it was just a router I needed an ADSL modem to go without so I went for the Zoom X3 (after hearing that the D-Link adsl modem was troublesome.)

The main problem? Setting it all up to work properly! I just want the X3 to act as a modem, and drop all of it's gateway/router features. I.e. I want the X3 to connect to and then just pass everything incoming onto the the 4300 for it to handle all the DHCP and port forwarding. Mainly because I dont want to have any routing conflicts arising and because at the moment to set up virtual servers/port forwarding I have to do it on both the modem and then the router.

Getting the modem to do any of this is a nightmare though Smiley so if anyone has a zoom set up for this kind of scenario please share your wisdom!!