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Wireless router set up but download speeds drastically down!


Wireless router set up but download speeds drastically down!

Hi Guys

I posted a while ago regarding the best router etc to purchase. Anyway, thanks to a lot of help from Liam i managed to purchase a Netgear DG834GT and WG834GT USB2.0 adaptor.

I set up my Dell Inspiron 8500 with built in Truemobile 1300 wlan mini pci card. This worked perfectly and download speeds were as good as with my USB modem (i have Plusnet 2mb Broadband). I then moved my laptop upstairs and (my router is 1 floor below signal strenght excellent) and proceeded to set up my girlfriends desktop with the WG111GT usb adaptor and add it to the network.

Anyway a week or so later i try to go to a regular site where i download media (subscription - not p2p) and found that my download speeds had dropped to 18 to 29 kbps when before (with modem and then the router) they were always over 100kbps.

I have tried removing WEP security and my girlfriends PC, speedtests from the plus net site and writing to the site concerned (no probs their end) but nothing improves things. Can somebody please help, i'm getting pretty desperate and frustrated at getting dial up speeds with an expensive broadband service.

As usual, PLusnet just tell you to basically do your own investigations, but can somebody please help get my download speeds back to where they were.


Rich Cry

Wireless router set up but download speeds drastically down!

I would ideally like to hear an answer to this as well. Having decided to try this p2p lark, I find that I am getting download speeds of 4-5kbps with upload speeds almost twice that. I have set up the relevant port forwarding with Zone Alarm and also the wireless router. What I don't understand is how I can be uploading since I haven't downloaded anything yet (to upload again).
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Wireless router set up but download speeds drastically down!

Well I hate to tell you this, but I have had two DG834GT routers and both of them have proven to be a massive disappointment.

I previously had the DG834G which was in my opinion Brilliant. The only reason why I upgraded was because of the 108Mbps wireless and I wanted to take full advantage of inter-Pc speed.

What a big mistake that was. The Wireless strength of the GT version is by far less than the G version. I find the wireless on the two new GT boxes to be far less than that of its previous model!

If you take a look on Netgears Forum, you will notice a Sea of complaints about the DG834GT.

You will then start to fell like I do now....gutted!