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Wireless hotspots- does Plusnet have any partners?

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Wireless hotspots- does Plusnet have any partners?


I am thinking that a while ago if you were a Plusnet customer you could use one of the wireless connectivity 'hotspot' providers and have the fees billed back to your Plusnet account.

I am increasing in need of using such a service and wondered if;

a. My memory is failing and Plusnet never offered such a service

b. Plusnet do partner with someone (The Cloud, BT Openzone) and what people's experiences are of the wireless service.

c. Anyone use anyone else..

Any thougths or experiences would be great.


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Wireless hotspots- does Plusnet have any partners?

yup, you can still do this - IIRC it's through BT OpenZone...

Also I'm moving this to the wireless broadband forum where it's more appropriate.
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Wireless hotspots- does Plusnet have any partners?

As Daniel said PlusNet have partnered with BT Openzone, so that you can use their hotspots.

But be careful, you can only use BT Openzones own hotspots, BT Openzone themselves have partnered with `The Cloud` but these hotspots are not open to PlusNet customers.

This effective limits coverage to high end Hotels and McDonalds restaurants.

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Wireless hotspots- does Plusnet have any partners?

I too find myself in the market for Hot Spots and thought I'd suggest it to PN as I see other ISP's are offering it.

Sad to see PN do offer it but so quietly I hadn't noticed until I looked for an appropriate forum...!

The per minute deal for occasional use looks like a good point to start. However, for any of the subscriptions I might as well go to Openzone direct and get better value and the alliance of locations which includes international roaming.

So to PN: Can I ask you to look at your Hot Spot product and see if it can be improved to include the same (or better?) range of locations as BT?