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Wireless hotspot with VPN


Wireless hotspot with VPN

Ive got my laptop connected wireless to my router, ive got VPN setup on my laptop which will not let me connect to the internet without logging in with a token card to the company network, this is not a problem on my router.

But yesterday i was trying to connect to a wireless hotspot and i could get the username and password bit up on the secure vpn which meant there was a connection but when i tried to type my password and username it wouldnt connect to the server, is there anything i can do?

I cant connect to internet (payment or login page) because it wont let me without logging in and i cant log into vpn because i havnt logged in or paid for the hotspot?

Once again i got the username and password bit up which meant there was a connection but wouldnt resolve the server when i pressed ok, is this because i havnt logged in to the hotspot company or was the company network somehow down, which has never been the case before...

So how can i connect? anyone know if its possible?

Wireless hotspot with VPN

Sounds like you've not logged onto the hotspot, ie paid to have access. Most hotspots you can conect to but before you get IP connectivity i.e. access to the outside world they'll want some sort of payment ( unless it's free).
I'm not sure how your VPN client is setup, but just because you get a login screen don't mean you've got IP connectivity. Unless you can ping by DNS or IP address then you've got problems and your VPN connection will bomb out.
Next time you think your connected try pinging ( no reply means no IP connectivity. If you get a reply to the IP and DNS then IPs OK.
It sounds like from your home router you've got to connect to the company VPN before you surf the net? If that's the case then they're using split tunneling, i.e. traffic to the company network behind the VPN termination point ( router/ FW) is encrypted traffic, traffic out to the internet is not. Is the laptop company kit?
Hope that helps.



Wireless hotspot with VPN

yes its company kit, i think ill just have a chat with them next time im in to see if it can be done.